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Magma Mobile

الدماغ التحدي الادمان لغز لعبة مع الرسومات HD مذهل !

( 23,528 )
الإصدار: 1.0.14
حجم: 9.6M


اكتشف "العناصر"! لعبة ذكاء! لعبة تحدي برسومات عالية الجودة!

هدف اللعبة بسيط، حرك العناصر المختلفة إلى العناصر المكافئة لها. اختر العناصر ثم اسحبهم إلى الاتجاه المطلوب.
مع تقدمك باللعبة ستصبح المراحل اكثر صعوبة بحيث ستحتاج للتحرك بتكتيك دقيق جدا.
مع لعبة "العناصر"، يمكنك اللعب بالعناصر الأساسية التالية: النار و الخشب و الماء و الحديد و الأرض.

النسخة المجانية من اللعبة تحتوي على 500 مرحلة. و تم تزويدها بنطام مغامرات و سباق للوقت لتحدى قدراتك و كم مرحلة تستطيع الإجتياز في أقصر وقت ممكن.

تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
العناصر الكيميائية ورموزها, عنصر كيميائي اسالنا, العناصر الكيميائية ورموزها وتكافؤها, عنصر كيميائي و قد 4 حروف, اسماء العناصر الكيميائية, عنصر كيميائي رمزه لى يستعمل في البطاريات, العناصر الكيميائية المشعة, المتطلب السابق شهر قمري

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  • thegreenroom

    thegreenroom الحقيقة اللعبة ممتازة جدا . وأتمنى من الجميع تحميل اللعبة

  • georgemclaren18

    georgemclaren18 يا الأخت كايتي بيري شو هل التكبر الي عندك جدا مو حلوة هل عادة

  • shawdipak

    shawdipak Top game Not too challenging but a nice colourful diversion if you are a little bored at work love it


    CATALYSTDIVA Enjoyable Game Like games like this that make me think a bit and plan ahead. Good if you have a few minutes to spend waiting for an appointment or something. Enjoy it!

  • ichimuta

    ichimuta Elements is a fun challenge This game can be really easy our quite tricky. I really enjoy it and wish my younger Family members would play it more. Pretty good

  • 12694634

    12694634 You need to increase the challenge with each subsequent game and each subsequent level. I love it but I've already done 300 games and it doesn't seem to get any harder...I do like the thought process you have to go through. Great!

  • storebrother

    storebrother Simple enough I can play, but makes you think to figure out the least move solution. Very Fun Puzzle Game. Highly Recommend.

  • vihaanvivaan

    vihaanvivaan Still takes several swipes to move an element. Its somewhat irritating. Please fix. Still four stars. Good puzzle game wish you would fix it so that you could move diagonally. Then I would give you five stars. Prefer word or picture games. This caught my eye snd tried it. Could mot put it away. The only fault is that it takes several attempts to move an element. Brought new screen protector it helped some but need to swipe several times to move elements.

  • SecureConnectInc

    SecureConnectInc What's with New Update Every time I go in says there's a new version, go to update and there is none. Super annoying

  • scionplaza

    scionplaza Can't stop playing! Love this game! Keep playing over and over!! Never gets boring. I recommend it. You'll love it! Time flys by when your playing. If you get 3 stars on all levels it would be great if you got something for it. Keeps wanting me to rate it and install updates. Already did it. Gets annoying!!

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