العناصر for Android

Magma Mobile
الدماغ التحدي الادمان لغز لعبة مع الرسومات HD مذهل !
  • Juikenuri

    Juikenuri Tactical Absoulute As what i expect from magma mobile,the game is fantastic time killer with never ending challenges and tactical movements,so much levels to finish in one life though !!!

  • CollaboransFPR

    CollaboransFPR Nice job An excellent puzzle game with heaps of levels. I'm up to about lvl 75ish in world 1 and it's still fairly easy but does require some thought... But there are many many worlds so I still have a long way to go :-) Works well, no probs on my generic android 4.2 phone.

  • 1020122

    1020122 Good Puzzles for Analytical Thinking Good game for making yourself think about all of your moves before making them. You often need to use the result of moving element A to be able to successfully move another one and obtain it's goal, before completing the goal for element A. They aren't necessarily harder puzzles as you progress, but all the same offer a quick challenge when you find yourself with a little time to kill.

  • give2getjobs

    give2getjobs Love this game Just because the name of the game is elements, I had to try it. Then I was hooked. This is a superb time waster and I highly recommend paying if you enjoy puzzles.

  • dymnnaififs

    dymnnaififs More of a difference from one deck to the next would be nice. Good game, the early levels are way to easy and there are to many levels per deck. Should be more straight forward. Maybe 50 or less levels that are harder as you go up a deck. All in all a good game though.

  • Codyjsmith

    Codyjsmith Its Cool Hafta agree about the multiple swipes to get element to move...a wee bit annoying. I would rather sacrifice graphics for smooth play. I gave 4 stars cuz it takes time to develop, i like the elements idea and the progression difficulty is pretty smooth. Also, I was impressed to see a 'kid' mode. Nice!

  • scott1286

    scott1286 Addicting fun Simple at first but gets more challenging. Can't seem to put it down. Very nicely done.

  • brivy1900

    brivy1900 Good and free! It's a good game that is FREE! I forget about this game sometimes but when I remember I have it installed I have a fun time. Quick puzzles not too annoying.. Recommend to take Elements APK.

  • arborbookschris

    arborbookschris #physics-game Nice game! Addictive at the beginning; however as the level gets higher, the difficulty seems to be almost the same. Overall good game, no trouble with the app at all.

  • showbizscoop

    showbizscoop WOW!!! I Really Really Love it.! This game is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE, once I started playing I got loss in it. I was having so much fun, before I knew it I had completed and won a 100 games. Very fun game and highly addictive. I love the way it makes you use your mind. GREAT JOB!!!!!!. Recommend to get Elements APK.

  • bjjiaju0

    bjjiaju0 Love this!! this game is highly addictive and a lot of fun! As soon as I got it I couldn't keep my hands off of it. Before I knew it I had solved 100 of them. now I cannot put my phone down!. Recommend to get Elements APK.

  • cobrachild77

    cobrachild77 #code-editor Elements! What fun. What a time waster.'s BRILLIANT. Each layer is quite quick to do (unless you get stuck) so you can pop in and out of it quickly...waiting for the bus or waiting for the kettle to boil. EXCELLENT. Highly recommend.

  • Munna007m

    Munna007m #code-editor More levels pleeease!!!!! Help...I can't stop!! At first this was tough, and then easy ...but as I go further my brain is challenged more! And I can't stop!!! But keep going! ! Thanks!!

  • sheefDalfam

    sheefDalfam #text-editor Good but...! There is a bit of inconsistency in the difficulty for this little game, but even then it's no brain teaser. Still a good way to spend some time getting you to at least rub two brain cells together!

  • guillermobt

    guillermobt C. Pyron! Awesome, very addictive and sometimes very frustrating. Really good at exercising the brain and problem solving skills.

  • brettslavicek

    brettslavicek Great Challenge! I wish my screen (I'll blame it on that) allowed more accurate sliding, or that I could slide on an angle. Otherwise, it's a very good-ridiculously addictive-game. LOVE it... now I just need to put it down so I can sleep! I also wish the "extra packs" remained visible, instead of having to start them over.

  • lilavatimedical

    lilavatimedical Galaxy Note! This game is great for time wasting! One of those that you just want to do 'one more'! Needs thought though! Keeps the brain alive!