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الإصدار: 2.5
حجم: 1.9M


تحليل تكبير وتصحيح صورة
يتم إجراء صورة صغيرة على نطاق أوسع بالقوة، وبالتالي فإن الصورة التي يتم توسيع تصبح خشنة بشكل طبيعي.
ومع ذلك، يستخدم هذا التطبيق تكنولوجيا تصحيح متقدمة تسمى سوبر القرار، وتمكننا من توسيع أو تقليص الحجم بشكل واضح.
أوصي هذا التطبيق للصور التي تمت استعادتها من قبل "استعادة صورة " ".

وهناك ميزة خاصة
تحجيم بوضوح مع سوبر قرار!
عملية سهلة!
جودة صورة عالية!
يتوافق مع JPG وبابوا نيو غينيا!
أداة مجانية!

تحليل كيفية استخدام
1. اختيار الصورة واختر الحجم.
2. تحقق من صورة منقحة واضغط على زر حفظ.


  • Enlarge & Correct Image‏ APK يمكن الوصول إلى جهاز تخزين USB

تعليقات حول Enlarge & Correct Image‏

  • usbnzpvv

    usbnzpvv Superb results Does an excellent job in producing a clean blow up. Have incorporated it into my editing workflow. Just wish it would work if I shared to it from an app... like Picsay Pro, for example. Thank you, keep up the Great work. Go well

  • xnyewlvwpd

    xnyewlvwpd This App Is A 5 ★ Plus Some Very easy to use, great quality & so fast. I will share this app with my friends from around the globe who photoshop images in our large group who play IRON FORCE. Great work mate ! ✔ Works perfectly

  • dromannem

    dromannem Love it!!! One the actually does what it says It does give a notice that the 1st time uploading photos will take a long time however that was not the case for me. In just a matter of seconds my photo was larger and lost absolutely no resolution! Just wow

  • Broottvishiob

    Broottvishiob This app does enlarge the photos so that's great! But when the photos are enlarged they are grainy or just as grainy as before and I thought the correction part was to fix that.. Please help? Thanks in advance. Must have

  • plupopink

    plupopink Great App Especially useful if you need to recover deleted photos with another app. This then can maintain original size. Marvelous

  • Unlinnysamn

    Unlinnysamn Excellent Resizes pics easily without distorting and gives you a choice of dimensions/pixels. (Using a Samsung Tab 3.) Worth a go!

  • drl588

    drl588 Greatest Ever This App does great work to resize small images to larger photos and with clarity and undisturbed sharpness.. Pretty good

  • vhbelvadi

    vhbelvadi I've tried several other apps...this is the only one that was successful!!!!Thank You so much!!!! Worth it!

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