Enlarge & Correct Image‏ for Android

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  • usbnzpvv

    usbnzpvv Superb results Does an excellent job in producing a clean blow up. Have incorporated it into my editing workflow. Just wish it would work if I shared to it from an app... like Picsay Pro, for example. Thank you, keep up the Great work. Go well

  • xnyewlvwpd

    xnyewlvwpd This App Is A 5 ★ Plus Some Very easy to use, great quality & so fast. I will share this app with my friends from around the globe who photoshop images in our large group who play IRON FORCE. Great work mate ! ✔ Works perfectly

  • dromannem

    dromannem Love it!!! One the actually does what it says It does give a notice that the 1st time uploading photos will take a long time however that was not the case for me. In just a matter of seconds my photo was larger and lost absolutely no resolution! Just wow

  • Broottvishiob

    Broottvishiob This app does enlarge the photos so that's great! But when the photos are enlarged they are grainy or just as grainy as before and I thought the correction part was to fix that.. Please help? Thanks in advance. Must have

  • plupopink

    plupopink Great App Especially useful if you need to recover deleted photos with another app. This then can maintain original size. Marvelous

  • Unlinnysamn

    Unlinnysamn Excellent Resizes pics easily without distorting and gives you a choice of dimensions/pixels. (Using a Samsung Tab 3.) Worth a go!

  • drl588

    drl588 Greatest Ever This App does great work to resize small images to larger photos and with clarity and undisturbed sharpness.. Pretty good

  • vhbelvadi

    vhbelvadi I've tried several other apps...this is the only one that was successful!!!!Thank You so much!!!! Worth it!