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ESPN FC كرة القدم و كأس العالم هو التطبيق الرسمي من قناة ESPN, والتي سوف توفر للمستخدمين مجموعة كاملة تغطية شاملة لكافة مباريات كرة القدم من أهم البطولات في العالم ، المسابقات الأوروبية ، وبالطبع المسابقات القارية ، مثل كأس العالم البرازيل 2014.

مستخدمي ESPN FC كرة القدم و كأس العالم سوف تكون قادرة على تحديد ما هي المسابقات المفضلة ، ومتابعتها عن كثب ، وتلقي الإشعارات والتنبيهات في أوقات معينة. دوري, الاسباني MX, الدوري الانجليزي, الدوري الايطالي, ملل, الدوري الالماني, الدوري الاسباني الأرجنتين, الدوري الاسباني Postobon...

بالإضافة إلى الحصول على أحدث الأخبار والمعلومات على الأطراف في اللعبة, مع ESPN FC كرة القدم و كأس العالم سيكون لدينا إمكانية الوصول إلى مئات من مقاطع الفيديو و المقالات عن مختلف فرق البطولات, اللاعبين, المباريات, الخ. تغطية كأس العالم على سبيل المثال لديها قسم خاص.

ESPN FC كرة القدم و كأس العالم هو واحد من أفضل التطبيقات التي يمكننا تثبيت على محطة الروبوت, إذا كنا نريد أن تبقى على إطلاع على جميع الأخبار التي تحيط عالم كرة القدم. وبالإضافة إلى ذلك, هذا هو أفضل بديل لأولئك الذين لا تريد أن تفوت أي شيء عن كأس العالم البرازيل 2014.
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تعليقات حول ESPN FC Soccer and World Cup

  • imjkmooecc

    imjkmooecc Good Overall App But.. I'm still pretty disapooint that the Women's Leagues team is being captured/updated poorly on this app. Almost no information on it. Also, for my other teams, it's hit or miss on dates being shown, which happened with me trying to get information on my Brazil League's team. There is a lot of room for improvement that I hope gets implemented. Flawless

  • surfsock

    surfsock Frustrated I would like to see Liverpool's past games but I can't! Its only stuck on the date of the day I look at on the app. I can't go back and look at previous scores! Used to be good but recently its been slacking. Fix it please!!! Fantastic

  • MoniQJuqf

    MoniQJuqf Video highlights are awful quality Even with a fast internet connection video highlights on my Nexus 6p are such poor quality that watching them is pointless Highly Recommend.

  • garenitd

    garenitd Nexus 5x - poor streaming quality Video streaming quality is very poor. All other video streaming services are just fine. Up until last week I was on iOS and the UX was great. Please sort this out! Thank you. Highly Recommend.

  • SysCommInternational

    SysCommInternational Video quality? Love the app hence the 4 stars but whats going on with the video quality? Its worse than a computer that was made in 1992 Great!

  • kqhknccht

    kqhknccht This app is great but... My videos play in what seems like 340 p like I letter see blocks make up people and the back round the videos are friekin blocks pls fix this Works perfectly

  • Alissanv

    Alissanv Really good My go to app for everything football! Love the videos and the Premiere League highlights. Really enjoy the crew they have. Great banter between them! Just wow

  • bangonline1

    bangonline1 Old was so much better Before this new update I could easily see the players from the opposing clubs. Now I can't even navigate the new pages without my phone freezing because of it. They should honestly just bring the old back and get rid of this new one. Enjoy it!

  • kxnajkwi

    kxnajkwi Great but incredibly frustrating Wonderful for keeping up with all of my football news on a daily basis. My large complaint is that the video highlight's, no longer work on any of my devices that have Android marshmallow. All videos are so incredibly pixilated. I have a nexus 7 and nexus 6p. Highlight's work fine on my Moto X which does not have marshmallow. I have sent multiple emails and data but no response or fix. Please fix and easily a five star app.

  • uklgseo

    uklgseo Love the app Great up to date news for all things soccer. I like the fc staff and enjoy listening to their opinions from the show. I'm obsessed with Liverpool and there is always articles to read.

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