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George Varga

Exion هيل سباق الفيزياء على أساس لعبة سباق السيارات.

( 140,603 )
الإصدار: 2.35
حجم: 27.43 MB


Exion هيل سباق هو الفيزياء على أساس لعبة سباق السيارات.
ترقية أجزاء هي المحرك والتعليق والإطارات. تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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تعليقات حول Exion Hill Racing

  • berileryilmaaz

    berileryilmaaz I love this game. Its very amazing game and it also very intresting but in this game there are very less level. Fantastic

  • xemgkboq

    xemgkboq Irritated I wish there was more levels i beat lvl 25 and theres nothing to do after you beat lvl 25. Please come out with more lvls Fantastic

  • ocpqlbbrozm

    ocpqlbbrozm Subranshu Adhikari Who says that it is a idiot game then I am damn sure ,he is a stupid and useless fellow. Perfect

  • norbertmoses49

    norbertmoses49 Good game but Only 25 level I unlocked all level and Game is Good Easy but Level in only 25 plz upgrade more level Must have

  • royce83

    royce83 Lenovo Thia is the best game but the levels are very very less I have completed all and I want more levels so pls update it fast. Marvelous

  • Dubor99

    Dubor99 Good but short The game was very good but very short. Please update the game and give some extra levels. Thanks. Fabulous!

  • vikasu

    vikasu Eh I wish it had more levels. It was ok but it needs to have more levels and harder tracks. Cool

  • KidKulinaire

    KidKulinaire Great game Loved the game and it's awesome cars... only better if we could get money for acrobatics but still 5 stars Fantastic

  • fivestarplumbing

    fivestarplumbing Loved the game I have completed all the level and the best level was 23rd level.The car's tyres were invisible but please add more levels in next update. Thanks Works great

  • robbiecarpen37

    robbiecarpen37 Wonderful game It has real good graphics and the cars are awesome. I am waiting for more levels. Brilliant

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