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Andrzej Chomiak

بناء الخاصة بك قاعدة، قلعة أو ما كنت تتخيل!

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الإصدار: 2.0.0
حجم: 6.3M


بناء القاعدة الخاصة بك ، الألغام ، القلعة أو ما كنت تتخيل!

Kiloblocks هو محرر اللعبة الذي يتيح لك نقل وبناء وتغيير التضاريس في بيئة 3D.

*** ملحوظة ***

1. Kiloblocks لايت هي نسخة مجانية من لعبة Kiloblocks.

2. النسخة الكاملة من اللعبة تسمح بحفظ وتحميل حالة اللعبة.

تعليقات حول Kiloblocks Lite‏

  • claivisletida

    claivisletida Omg!!! why can't I save my work? I make some cool stuff but while moving my screen or adding and deleting stuff my hands softly taps the back button and everything I worked on is permanently deleted. THIS happens over an over so there's no point in playing it. It's fun, really cool, but it's aggravating to the point I'm mad and want to delete the whole game bc what's the point of trying to make something that can't be saved and when my phone rings or I get a text and check it, it's all deleted. :( Great!

  • angiedim

    angiedim OK. ... The down side of this is that you can't save it. You make a load of houses an do then when you come back later, it all dissappear a! ! Where does it all go? But, the good bit is that there is lots of tools to use. Fix this and I'll give it a five star. Recommend

  • paumac

    paumac Can you please add: A save option, multi player, TNT, Mine cart/track, an option to make things float in water&air please. I know its a lot to ask but it would make me reaaaaaaaaaaaally happy and I'm sure it would make others happy to. NOTE: Don't make it too much like Minecraft but do make it awesome, and again please & thank you. AND STOP IGNORING EVERYONE'S REQUESTS!!!!!! Please! Not bad

  • incionguis

    incionguis Mine craft lite review Good app. You have to pay to save your world. Fun to build things. Inventory is really small. Not many building blocks as in colors and there are no eggs to spawn. NO ADDS WHEN YOU ARE PLAYING! Yass, decorations like flowers and pictures. No animals or modes like creative or survival. Its a good app worth 4 stars! Amazing!

  • FullName

    FullName One small thing I like it, but please save. You Can't expect people to stay on their android devices all day/night playing this game. They need rest sometimes. I have a way better game l can play, but it needs connection. All l want from this game is that you can save/name your world. Make the lite better for people who don't have any more money on their phones like l do. Thanks! Cool

  • inciongvmt

    inciongvmt I would give it five stars but....... I would if you could save because I don't want to have to start over on a machine that took Me forever on Fantastic

  • Mebriella

    Mebriella This game is AWSOME This game is amazing. It has good graphics, and you can do some things you can't do in mincraft. Ounce you get the full game you can save your world's. Just 2 things I'd like to fix. 1, animals, and 2 survival mode. That's all. Also to all the people who's creations disappear, buy the full game, beds are for decorating, and there is snow. If you go to where the furnace is and the TV is you'll find it right above the dirt block with white stuff on it. Then you place 2 of the snow slabs on top of each other and you get a snow block. Enjoy it!

  • homebusinesspartner

    homebusinesspartner Very good. Bought this game using Samsung galaxy app store and I can say it is worth it. The price was lowered from 7dt to 5dt so I decided to get it. I only wish if you add new things to the game such as new house materials, animals, caves, forests filled with monsters, Pets, multiplayer mode... .pls make it happen. Many will buy this game. Minecraft is getting all the love. Just be creative it is not that hard. Marvelous

  • jwyyrxl

    jwyyrxl We want save Love this game betterbthan mincraft but if u dont let us save our land it not worth buying or playing. Let us dave and i will give u five stars. Dont and i will slag your game off like hell. Grrrr (just playing but i will warn others not to play!) :-P Great!

  • aangeliaateo

    aangeliaateo There are advantages and disadvantages I wanted to get Minecraft,but unfortunatly it costs. So I got this because it looked so cool! Then I realised that it has no save button or anything like that. The good side about it is that I can create so many awesome things. Please check again and put a save button. Thanks! Highly Recommend.

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