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Farm School

مدرسة المزرعة هو المكان الذي يمكنك التعبير عن نمط حياتك.

( 112,433 )
الإصدار: 7.0.1
حجم: 7 MB


مدرسة المزرعة هو المكان الذي يمكنك التعبير عن نمط حياتك.
دعونا تصميم وتزيين المزارع الخاصة بك، ويجعلها حقا فريدة ومتميزة.
دعونا نفعل الزراعة وتربية المواشي أرضكم.
ثم، مع محصول جيد من النباتات والحيوانات، ويمكنك الحصول على المزيد من الذهب لتوسيع ورفع مستوى المزرعة.
لا تنتظر لتجربة الحياة مزرعة بهيجة في مدرسة المزرعة. تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
بحث متقدمنصائح البحث عن سكن إرسال تعليقات

ميزة: الرسومات الملونة المهام مثيرة للاهتمام أنواع مختلفة من النباتات و الحيوانات العديد من المباني


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تعليقات حول مدرسة المزرعة

  • NestorR

    NestorR I just wanted to let you know that there is a very big problem with this it keeps eresing my work every time I leave for a while and come back to play I have to start all over again please fix this problem thank you very much . wow lol

  • gopacket8

    gopacket8 Like it When seeding , please give the option to seed in lot of plots at 1 go rather than selecting what to seed everytime.thnx Perfect

  • iphsrdyzi

    iphsrdyzi Beginner I like that you can learn the game without a large loss in points or advancement. Great preparation for more in-depth levels and related games. 5 star

  • dawmsaf

    dawmsaf great this is a great game cause it shows love and being a farmer is good and you can be healthy, powerful i really love this game it makes mmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee ccrryy wow lol

  • henryayers1026

    henryayers1026 Enjoyable Completely brilliant. Its a game that you don't have to play on all the time and plus the age group is for anyone . Even shrek would like this 5 star

  • VaNkunessedus

    VaNkunessedus خیلی اسونه رده سنی ۳ ـــــــــ ۵ساله Great!

  • yourlifeisatrip

    yourlifeisatrip It is really fun I downloaded my little cousins their own game and they wanted to play my game my games and I said do you got your own game Perfect!

  • wxbqagpjbfr

    wxbqagpjbfr Click over and over Its okay but i hate click plow , plant over and over! Please fix that. Thank you. Godbless Not bad

  • nikkitjhu1998

    nikkitjhu1998 Your app is awesome. I am getting quite creative with my gardens and all of the other great things. I will give more comments as I play. Rock On!!!!! I am still playing your game. Bad health had to take a break and time to get going.! Still loving the app. Rock On! Muito bom!

  • harlanrutled12

    harlanrutled12 Rally nice and back muspictures god really I want buy. Working version N for my server and little oicutur my si Z get and pictures df into farm my business or any cab reply? WHAIT YORREPLY THANK 8 Not bad

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