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Farm World

مرحبا بكم في مزرعة العالمية، وهي مزرعة صغيرة في هاتفك النقال جميل.

( 10,049 )
الإصدار: 1.0.6
حجم: 6.2M


مرحبا بكم في مزرعة العالمية، وهي مزرعة صغيرة في هاتفك النقال جميل.
تاريخ هذا العالم لديهم فرصة للعمل كمزارع الحقيقي وتشغيل أرضكم.
من خلال زراعة الحيوانات والنباتات، يمكنك بيع هذه المنتجات للحصول على المال لتوسيع الحوزة وكذلك شراء أنواع جديدة من النباتات والحيوانات في المقابل.
الى جانب ذلك، العديد من الأوسمة جميلة يمكن شراؤها هنا، وهو ما يعني مجموعة واسعة من الخيارات في تحسين المشهد من المزارع الخاصة بك.
لماذا لا تأتون إلى مزرعة العالم للاستمتاع بالحياة مزرعة حقيقية فقط من خلال الشاشة؟

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تعليقات حول Farm World

  • wfvkps

    wfvkps Farm World I like this game but I don't like how long you have to wate for the plants. I also don't like how when I get out of the game it don't save my progress Works great

  • zpdyfewexui

    zpdyfewexui Progress Lose progress every time I close the app. Uninstalling it until that is fixed. I got into the game until I realized it did that. Must have

  • Mercy_weip

    Mercy_weip The cutest little farm ever This is such a cute farm world, love colours and amazing details. My favorite game ever!

  • filipa_claro_7

    filipa_claro_7 It doesn't have various you don't have any cow,sheep or.... just it has land ,and i think it's not very attractive ,it's boring .i played another kind of this game ,that was realllllllllllly better than this and actually its options are not so beautifulo_O

  • ljirdlyan

    ljirdlyan Farm World Great game first time player not used to it and don't have a clue but still a great game. Fantastic

  • RCpoetics

    RCpoetics Best game ever! You guy's would love this game! You don't have to buy land and crops. There free!!!! Like I said, you would love this game!

  • Janeth61

    Janeth61 I like it.! The game is good for me cause I can finally play a farming games that I die for so long. But the game is a bit boring for to. Because there is no thrill, the area is all the same, no fence for your place, no expansion of area, probably no event (assuming),and there is nothing to clean/remove burdens like tree's, bush, rocks and other's. That's all and Thank you for making a farm game even if it is still in the processing.

  • viewgames1

    viewgames1 Farm world Farm world is not the best but it is ok I think that we should not need to get the bananas, flowers and all that stuff 1 by 1 and I liked it because there are lots of interesting things like the coloured rocks and some other stuff so I give this game 2 stars. Fabulous!

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