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Ovidiu Pop

تصبح حقيقية المزارع وزراعة المحاصيل الخاصة بك!

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الإصدار: 1.8.1
حجم: 51M


مزارع سيم 2015 هو أحدث جهاز محاكاة الزراعة التي من شأنها أن تسمح لك لتصبح مزارع الحقيقي! بدء مهنة الزراعية عن طريق زراعة المحاصيل في أرضكم! يمكنك محراث، زرع والحصاد باستخدام الكثير من الأجهزة المختلفة! بيع المحصول للحصول على المال للسيطرة على الجرارات والحصادات جديدة! يتمتع جهاز محاكاة الزراعة الجديدة اللعب في الوضع الوظيفي العالم المفتوح! المتعة باستخدام المركبات الزراعية وتصبح مزارع المهنية! تحميل الآن المزارعين سيم 2015!

- المركبات واقعية والأجهزة (الجرارات والحصادات، المحاريث، حصادات، بزار، المقطورات ...)
- من السهل التعليمي
- تنمو نباتات مختلفة
- شراء الحيوانات وإدارتها
- شراء حقول جديدة
- الوضع الوظيفي المفتوح العالم
- المحاصيل بيع مقابل المال
- الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية والخرائط الأوروبية
- ميزة القيادة السيارات
- دورة الليل والنهار.
- عجلة القيادة، أزرار أو الضوابط إمالة
- التحدي أصدقائك من خلال تقاسم الانترنت الإحصاءات وإنجازاتك!

تصبح مزارع الحقيقي عن طريق اللعب هذا محاكاة الزراعة مذهلة! تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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تعليقات حول Farmer Sim 2015

  • chakradbf74

    chakradbf74 Nice game but..... There is no use buying the big plough. It doesn't even work. And please add more trucks and trailers, then I will rate it 5 stars Perfect

  • willardfaulk12

    willardfaulk12 Love it but WHERE IS MY TRAILER!? I bought a trailer then I went down to sell some items with my old trailer and then I came back and it's gone I already purchased it so I can't purchase another one because you can only purchase one. 5 star

  • Stoocrestseni

    Stoocrestseni Good game I have only one problem: the extended plow does not work, it it's waves from left to right and doesn't stop & I'd like to see more vehicles wow lol

  • induppydrielp

    induppydrielp Good game and nice graphics. But there is a issue i bought 2 vehicals but i cannot receive them in my farm. Where are they and how i can get those things. Muito bom!

  • BiassyUniodia

    BiassyUniodia Potential This game has many glitches I wish would be fixed. It is a great way to pass time but when fields freeze when planting or implements you purchase vanish it can be quite frustrating and disappointing. Worth a go!

  • gerryrandall820

    gerryrandall820 Fields will not plant After completing the tutorial, one of the 2 fields will not plant. Try and plow it, it says it's plowed and ready to plant. Try and plant it, and nothing plants. This is leaving me with only one field. I'd rate 5 if this gets fixed. I'd love to be planting 2 fields instead of only 1. Superb!

  • frttnptwxr

    frttnptwxr Too many a advertisement for other game Combined won't pick full width on auto steer. Tractors with disks or the planters have to much overlap. Not able to buy more equipment. Larger trailers to haul grain to sale would be nice Great job

  • ulezneyuuovr

    ulezneyuuovr Frustrated. Had two fields wasn't bad then I went to plant but it said it was ready to plow. I had already plowed but tried again and it kept showing 0%. I even tried auto drive, didn't work. I bought another field made it through one cycle and now it's stuck on 97% plowed and cannot get it further. I bought a new plow and it swings to the left and right and will not pull straight. The game is alright other than the BS glitches. Cool

  • bull90000

    bull90000 Real farmer Very nice game different vehicles different farms good grafics and soo soo nice game fastly download and enjoy it frnds Great!

  • freepressrelease4

    freepressrelease4 Good, but This is a fun game, but there are a few small issues. When I bought the larger plow it will not stay strait behind the tractor. Other than that very good game Great job

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