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بدء مهنة الزراعي الخاص في الزراعة محاكي 14 على الهاتف المحمول والكمبيوتر اللوحي!

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الإصدار: 1.4.4
حجم: 51 MB


بدء مهنة الزراعي الخاص في الزراعة محاكي 14 على الهاتف المحمول والكمبيوتر اللوحي! السيطرة على المزارع الخاصة بك ومجالاتها لتحقيق أحلامهم الحصاد الخاصة بك.

وكذلك نظرة المكرر ويشعر، الزراعة المحاكية 14 يعطيك مضاعفة عدد ماكينات زراعية للسيطرة، على غرار جميع أصلي على المعدات من الشركات المصنعة الزراعية الحقيقية، بما في ذلك حالة IH، دويتس-فهر، لامبورغيني، كوهن، والأمازون كرونة.


- جديد الرسومات 3D مفصلة للغاية مع واجهة مستخدم بقعة تأخذ تجربة اللعب الخاصة بك إلى المستوى التالي
- العب مع صديق في التجوال عالم حر مفتوح في العلامة التجارية الجديدة وضع متعددة المحلية للواي فاي وبلوتوث
- القمح النباتية، زيت الكانولا أو الذرة وبيعه في سوق ديناميكي
- جز العشب، والتبن وwindrow لإنشاء بالات القش لتغذية الأبقار لالخاص بك، ثم بيع حليبها لأعلى مزايد
- كسب المال عن طريق بيع العشب أو القشر في مصنع الغاز الحيوي
- تعيين مساعدين الكمبيوتر التي تسيطر عليها لمساعدتك في عملك تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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ميزة: المحاصيل المختلفة متعددة وضع كسب المال وتوظيف العمال


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  • omlogic1

    omlogic1 Good one. But dnt know how to grow green meadows Damn gokd game..grt graphics.. but am facing a problem how would i grow meadows to harvest green grass for cattles.. i cant feed them and therz no milk production Highly Recommend.

  • davidcleinman

    davidcleinman Not enough garage space It's a really fun and addictive game. I only have one problem with the game. You only get a limited amount of garage space. I wanted to buy more tractors, harvestors, plows etc. for all my fields, but whenever I do that they tell me my garage is full. I have to sell some items first. I think the amount of items should be unlimited so you can have enough vehicles and equipment for the amount of fields available to purchase. I don't have enough harvestors to harvest all the fields before the crops wilt. Recommend

  • 518c9148

    518c9148 Samsung Galaxy S5 Now That iv got the Hang of it, this is my Fav & Most play'd game past couple weeks. Getin Started SUCKS- This Game Had me Pi$$Ed at The begging~ I don't Know HOW MANY TIMES i Had To Read The "In Game Instructions" to Progress. But I Finaly Got it. IMPROVEMENTS = Why Ain't Ther Any "Stiggar" 8 Tire LG tractors available ? THOS Tractors wud be Awsome & Helpful! &= the Largest Sowing machine= It Sucks a prsn HAS to buy it with Actual $! We shud be able to get That Without Real $ Muito bom!

  • blerhoorodlef

    blerhoorodlef Awesome game I think that it should be updated and with the new update they should add construction vehicles and fire trucks and tow trucks fires that you have to put out with the fire truck and a friend department and police station and police vehicles and tools so we can build and or cut down trees Recommend

  • magnalenz

    magnalenz My brother showed me this game a week ago and i got hooked and now i cant even put my phone down. I just wished it had weather changing and i wished u could get out of the veicles. They also need there to be more land that u can use and fields. I dont get why u cant get all tools because they are loocked if we cant get them then dont even show them. Superb!

  • zhujiangniaoershi

    zhujiangniaoershi Love playing this game it's so fun and its great to play when you just want to relax. But there's one thing I need to know when does milk tank show with full milk. I've been feeding the cow's with lot's of hay if anyone knows please let me know thanks. Marvelous

  • myhappiness07

    myhappiness07 Cant restore old game data Is there any way i can restore my old game's data? I recently format my phone. Now, it tells me that i need to start a new game. Help? I have like 30 hours something in that last game. Amazing!

  • ronniepearso12

    ronniepearso12 Addicting I'm not really into farming but this game i found very addicting. This game has good graphics, I also love that they have multi player. Another thing is that I was never really into farming but when they came out with these games I kinda got into it... and I found out it's much more than I figured. All I can say is... Giants Software you guys really have outdone your self's. Not bad

  • SedaMoove

    SedaMoove Very Good Game! No ads, runs smoothly on my old device, and it's quite possible to achieve all the goals using just the free stuff. I liked it so much that I bought all the equipment and I rarely buy games. Awesome

  • DraltJororm

    DraltJororm Amazing This game is awsome no glitches lots of things to do. Just lots of fun. BUT the AI is pretty dumb and some times the screen goes black and you have to turn of the phone and turn it on again to fix it but its fine doesn't take long Great!

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