File Manager PRO: The Easiest Way to Manage Files‏ for Android

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  • alltaptalented

    alltaptalented It's Outstanding!! I was so worried about where my apps were gone?? But this app searches each media on your phone. It's awesome Worth it!

  • salfchils

    salfchils Very very useful This is really a great app not because it store all local and micro sd files and folder at one screen but also it provide backup to all your important files and contact list....i love this app ☺ Worth a go!

  • PerwreskIdeds

    PerwreskIdeds Easy to use!!! Easy to use, practical and efficient... probably the best file manager app for Android Awesome

  • positiverevolution1

    positiverevolution1 Awesome!!! I like the setup, it is neat and clean! It's easy to use and navigate, just the way it should be !!! Omg

  • freeadblaster

    freeadblaster Amazing Absolutely wonderful !!! This is by far the best file manager here. It has got everything you need / you would need.... Good