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  • wolohorns

    wolohorns Designed for phones, works on tablets I needed a file manager for my Google Nexus 7 (2012) tablet, for some reason after the last Android update I lost the default application, found this one and I can't stop using it Works perfectly

  • wanyoike

    wanyoike Love Asus and its evolving apps These 5 stars for your continuous work to enhance user experience and improve every element of your apps. Thanks a lot. :-) Worth it!

  • dataclarity

    dataclarity Great file manager ever....i loved asus zenui....BRAVO developer team!!!, don't remove any of the feature, Add it on instead....psyched to wait for another great update!!! Keep it up!!! Perfect!

  • markitabatara

    markitabatara Can't read data from pendrive in otg cable It can't able to read and copy data from pendrive in otg good Well done!!

  • cdewayne

    cdewayne Really like it Not constantly bombarded with ads and does almost everything I need without being horribly bloated. Major oversight for me is the inability to copy a file path. Pretty good

  • spoispoblip

    spoispoblip Does what it's supposed to Only reason the 4* rating is because I moved all my pics to the sd card..then deleted them off my phone. I thought the 2 were separated but they're not so all my pics are gone. Luckily I have Google photos backing up everything... Marvelous

  • Kcahill

    Kcahill Unstable I have been getting errors. The manager shows 0.0 B for both phone and external storage space. As a result i can't access my files and have to restart to fix it. Highly Recommend.

  • ShaneCrafton101

    ShaneCrafton101 Good vybz....but Works great for most thing BUT after installing 128gb sd it was not able to copy big file with out crashing. it left files corrupt and unusable...update this app soon i like it. Just wow

  • dennisnazelli

    dennisnazelli Samba services issue Nice interface, with categories, cloud storage access, storage analyser, and recycle bin. But while I can access samba from a desktop, by this phone it's currently not possible. It detected the address but require username and password, while the service I use is unnecessary needs password (a.k.a. anonymous). Even though it's set-up with password, it's still refuses to connect, claiming the username and password is incorrect. For the record, the phone is ZenFone 2 and the server is ZTE F609. Thank you. Works perfectly

  • swaffar

    swaffar Problem with OTG(in ZenFone 2 laser) When I insert OTG and file manager shows otg and opens them but " version>m:sdcard "is displayed when ever I open File manager until I close it.kindly fix this ,rest everything is fine. Surprisingly

  • mbzgvcxzq

    mbzgvcxzq Brilliant Very good fine manager with a slightly eccentric ui. But has all the info you may be interested in, nicely summarised on the home screen. Add to this the ability to view network locations and shares, this is a very good file manager. About the only thing it doesn't have is SFTP support. Highly recommended. Superb!

  • zkygecxxfi

    zkygecxxfi Not bad... I'm very picky about these things. I like this one. The screens and options make sense (it's intuitive) and the files are easily manipulated. A drag & drop feature would be nice, but I can live without it. Worth a go!

  • IDT_Advocate

    IDT_Advocate Simple easy works across network drives This is just so straight forward and easy to use. Brilliant file manager without being buried in useless addons and no adverts. Local android and microsoft network areas. Brill! The best I have found and I have tried a few. Marvelous

  • kbergou

    kbergou Finally I spend half my life looking for half decent apps that will perform a function in the simplest manner, with great results. Most just sap more juice from my ever overburdened battery. This app from Asus is just awesome. Love Asus stuff. WIth this asp anyone who has lollipop can finally put an end to the problems of writing to external sd card. Easy to use, efficient and even better still, it's free. love it

  • Chesterar

    Chesterar Can't Open Videos I have been using this since I got my hand on a smartphone, a great file manager, but now it's unable to play videos using any of the available apps (MX Player or VLC ) in my phone. Forcefully I had to switch to ES file manager. I am reducing the star now, From 5 to 3. Must have

  • Arbislali

    Arbislali First glance looks ok - I can access my network and cloud storage as well as internal. However, the process described to allow write access to the SD card doesn't work in Android 6 Marshmallow. The menu items described in the tutorial just aren't there. I can read the SD card fine but cannot write to it. An update for 6 would be great! Surprisingly

  • susannn4

    susannn4 Doesn't work with USB drive Unable to back up to a USB drive. They provide instructions whoch are difficult to understand and don't make sense. I'm finding an app that is more user friendly and that doesn't assume I'm a genius. It does allow me to change file names rather easily. Great!

  • jakebarrett

    jakebarrett Efficient File manager. This FM does the job neat & functional with a simple interface. It is supporting USB OTG but unable to access the files in usb otg. Pls attach recycle bin & screen transition effect features. Thank you. Omg

  • StammaExalt

    StammaExalt I like it Another very good file manager. Works well on my Note 4 using Android 6.0.1. It's not too cluttered with unnecessary stuff and not too simple. Just right. Hope you keep it that way. A little rough around the edges, but all in all a very good app. The source is a surprise.....Asus!? Didn't know you had it in you Omg

  • susanandy

    susanandy Good start, but a bit clunky & awkward to use Wish it were more streamlined, more visually appealing (takes up too much screen real estate with pop up box). Too much repetitive selecting, especially when organizing lots of files, drastically slows down the move process Pretty good