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الإصدار: 1.7.7
حجم: 3.3 MB


* ألمع، أسرع، وأكثر مفيد مصباح يدوي LED!
* المصباح لن تنسى أبدا لجلب عندما تكون في حاجة!
* مع تصميم أكثر أناقة وأسرع بدء التشغيل
المصباح التطبيقات تحتاج إلى إذن كاميرا الجهاز (الأجهزة المصباح إرفاق كاميرا، لفتح ضوء. إنها طلب إذن معقول وضروري)

ميزات رئيسية هي:
• ألمع إضاءة من أي وقت مضى.
• أسرع مضيا بدء التشغيل.
• وضع ستروب مع وحدة تحكم تردد الحساسة
• المدمج في إشارة استغاثة مصباح يدوي
• تصميم واجهة المستخدم بديهية وأنيقة
• استخدم كاميرا LED ضوء!

English description:
* The brightest, fastest, and most handy LED flashlight!
* The Flashlight you will never forget to bring when in need!
* With the most elegant design and the fastest startup

Main features :
• The brightest illuminator ever
• Fastest startup flashlight
• Strobe mode with sensitive frequency controller
• Built-in SOS flashlight signal
• Intuitive and elegant UI design
• Use the cam LED light!

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    johnsimen1 يستحق أكثر من 5 نجم برنامج رائع اشكر القائمين على البرنامج وبتمنه ما تحدثو عشان ما تخربو البرنامج

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    tweakedindustries Easy simple LED Flashlight Very easy to use, smoke interface. I want to quickly use a flashlight without configuring alot of options. Worth a go!

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  • inwalse470

    inwalse470 Great like It's a great light but I hate the adds. I'd pay for no adds if there was the option. Not bad

  • Poolbonialt

    Poolbonialt Slick, clean, bright Simple interface looks good while getting the job done. Brighter than my power menu's flashlight, too. But it won't stay on if you try to use anything else, like pressing the Home button or bring up the Apps List. Still a solid 4 stars. Just wow

  • Authentarrard

    Authentarrard New ads ruined a good thing Used this app for several years then the new ads or platform made it slow and it began to hang a lot...also began asking for new permissions and I became very suspicious. Surprisingly

  • DaliDuapsix

    DaliDuapsix Ads and the space it takes up They get in the way of the light when your in a hurry. This is a flashlight not a huge game there no need for it to have so much space Highly Recommend.

  • royuhksz

    royuhksz I love this light it is briter than the last one, I could bearly see with it I t is briter and easy to use it save one night someone tried to jump me whit I turned it on they could not see an d run,!!!! Thank you very much Gene Flawless

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    rpoqmwdmwx Super fast It opens up super quick, you don't have to click anything but the application to activate the light. Go well

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