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الإصدار: 6.8.4
حجم: 40M


صفحات جميلة لتلوين الماندالا للكبار والصغار. كتاب تلوين مليئ بأكثر من 100 ماندالا جميلة مزخرفة. حمل التطبيق واسترخ!

تصميمات بسيطة ومعقدة للماندلا الزهرية ليستمتع بها الجميع. يمكن تلوين الأجزاء، ورسم الخطوط، واستخدام الطوابع.

يقدم التطبيق ما يلي:

- 100 تصميم مجاني للماندلا
- سهل اللعب: املأ منطقة أو ارسم خطا
- العديد من الطوابع المجانية
- احفظ عملك أو حمله أو شاركه
- خيار التراجع
- خيار الغموض

اجلس واسترخ: لقد حان وقت التلوين!

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تعليقات حول كتاب تلوين الماندالا الزهرية

  • Terrie

    Terrie اللعبة حلوى كتير إلي مو منزلها ينزلها والي ما بدو فهوي حر اللعبة حلوى اوي روووووووعة

  • alanfleming1128

    alanfleming1128 Great for Relaxing! Since using colour-in apps at night I have much better sleep. I enjoy using this app. Only negative, not enough colors. More colors would be appreciated. Pretty good

  • dukosrososon36

    dukosrososon36 Very relaxing app! The choices of boards are great i love that you can zoom in and out making it that much easier! wow lol

  • houstondicks922

    houstondicks922 AWSOME APP Get this app it is the best coloring app I have ever played once you have completed the coloring page just press the home button on the game and it saves it to the game gallery and you can change the picture if you want Not bad

  • iokioxgb

    iokioxgb Not too bad. Filling in and erasing is good. Plus moving the picture without coloring helps too. Well done!!

  • hwjsnefkibs

    hwjsnefkibs Flowers Mandala coloring book This is the best out there...I've tried a lot of them. The colors are very convenient as are the buttons, such as undo the last color Perfect

  • wfnwjjmne

    wfnwjjmne Relaxing... I can sit for hours and Colour but I also agree you need more colors but it's a very very awesome app Omg

  • Kizayygm

    Kizayygm This is amazing I really loved this app because the pictures are beautifully designed and they come to life when you colour them in. Recommend

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