Forza كرة القدم for Android

يعيش عشرات, دفع الإخطارات و فيديو يسلط الضوء على أكثر من 400 البطولات!
  • ftzzkwntl

    ftzzkwntl تطبيق جميل وممتاز لكن ينقصه القنوات الناقلة وياليت يكون بالعربي 100٪

  • huntergatherer

    huntergatherer اللغة العربية اطلبها بالايميل من مطور البرنامج ....بس ليش اللغة وهما كلهم كلمتين حاولوا تتعلموا ....

  • vzacdq

    vzacdq يحتاج الى عرض القنوات الناقلة للدوريات الاوربية ..مع معالجة اصدار التنبيهات للمباريات بشكل صحيح...

  • giordanop24

    giordanop24 بعد التحديث الاخير اصبحت الاشعارات سيئة عند دخول هدف يأتي الإشعار بشكل تظن ان الفريق الآخر سجل هدف

  • koushikichakrabroty

    koushikichakrabroty Beautiful and a perfect amount of customisation options. Flexible without being overwhelming. Perfect

  • bertonbeckstrand

    bertonbeckstrand This app win my heart as a football fan Simple UI, massive league and tournament, No disturbing newsfeed or agressive ads, so i think its almost complete. The opening, always take 5-10 seconds to open the app. Which i think a bit too long just to check score update. But it still better than any. Good

  • aooyooo

    aooyooo Best Score App However it keeps going to a match already played when opening the app and not a match in play I was looking at it. Works great

  • greatskin

    greatskin I have tried lots of differeent apps but this is the only app that cover every thing for me Enjoy it!

  • Space0Coast

    Space0Coast Best app for a football lover! The basic need for any football fan - knowing the matches schedule for their favourite teams, which this app does exceptionally well! Live updates are fast enough and the overall look and feel of the app is awesome. Love the material design. Couldn't find a way to view League standing and point table though. Perfect!

  • cecarelo

    cecarelo I recieve notification only when the match starts .. nothing else .. whats going on?!.. please could you fix the problem Good

  • messedesign

    messedesign Players hostory The APP is very good but I would like to be able to check, where did the players were in previous seasons. Perfect

  • emotodymn

    emotodymn Best football app Very detailed and informative UI. Match details and stats are shown in the simplest way possible, still with so much deapth. Hats off to the developers. Amazing!

  • michalmike38

    michalmike38 Great request! Love the app, the customization, etc, BUT I would really appreciate a notification delay setting! I stream a lot of matches which end up being delayed by 5ish minutes so I can't look at my phone without seeing into the future! Could you add a setting so that notifications can be delayed by X minutes so that notifications don't spoil events? Thanks! Pretty good

  • brandarmy

    brandarmy Loves giving me random updates I keep getting updates from random games despite checking every time if I accidentally 'checked' Juventus. I didn't and it's very annoying. Marvelous

  • GYScott

    GYScott Love it The design of the app is amazing but also the score updates are on point and it is a simple and easy app to use Surprisingly

  • moonshinetoter

    moonshinetoter Forza football It's a very nice application it has everything I want about football and it's one of the best applications I have and I like that alot Works great

  • ryhegbw

    ryhegbw Had it for years Had this app since it first came out it was under a different name then but they changed the name a few years ago the apps incredible love it so much features and I love the fact it tells you if someone hit the post or crossbar and that you can get replays on the app Must have

  • chughtai

    chughtai forza can u please put the country name of each team in the international competition (like champion league & europa league ) Highly Recommend.

  • lonlane24

    lonlane24 Certain UI changes Please make it easier to access our favourite teams and competitions. To go my favourite team everytime I have to click the search bar. Just wow

  • freeviagranow

    freeviagranow Best app ever! But Plz make transfer notifications for leagues and it will be perfected. Also Plz make a widget. Marvelous