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Fotor is an all-in-one photo editing and image licensing platform where amateur and professional photographers can monetize on their shots.

Fotor "Events"
Gain exposure and be rewarded with Events, introducing weekly photo contests hosted by Fotor or world's leading brands, such as Uber, Ctrip, Sichuan Airlines, etc.

Fotor allows the enthusiast of all levels the opportunity to win prizes, profits and fame!

Photo Licensing
Licensing your photos to PxBee which is a stock photo marketplace connecting the creative community of Fotor.

Join PxBee and start making money through your photos. Providing breathtaking photographs, licensed for use in multiple projects such as web design, printed materials and commercial displays.

Photo Editor
Considered the ‘Photoshop lite' by the BBC, Fotor photo editor enables an easy-to-use while professional image processing experience.

A massive range of updated Photo effects and filters, allowing you to simulate an almost unlimited number of styles, including: Film, Vintage, B&W, Kaleidoscope, etc.

Up to 10 completely customizable ‘Edit' functions, Fotor photo editor allows you to all forms of editing, from minute ‘touch ups' to extensive images changes.

The ‘Enhance' function, complete with ‘slide on screen' capability, allows for rapid adjustments in in details and gradation.

Different photo collage template styles such as Classic & Magazine collage templates, making your images into art by collage way.

Weekly updated stickers, borders for pictures, photo stitch, photo frames, photo filters and fonts will ensure a fresh new design for every day of the week!

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بشكل افتراضي: من السهل جدا استخدام و إصلاح السيارات هو مدهش. <ب>اللون سبلاش مثل الموقع. ولكن مزعج دفع الإخطارات. فقط أتمنى لو كان هناك <ب>العين الحمراء انخفاض الميزة. لكن في الآونة الأخيرة كل مرة كنت في محاولة لإنقاذ توقف عن العمل :. وأتساءل لماذا هذا التطبيق هو <ب>متوافق مع Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7. الآن كل مرة أحاول فتح التطبيق حتى أنه يقول لي أنه قد توقف. Fotor هو بطريقة أو بأخرى مرارا تحطمها بعد كيت كات <ب>تحديث HTC واحدة. أنا أعلم أن هناك الآلاف من الصور تحرير التطبيقات ولكن هذا واحد كبيرة. وجود مشكلة في توفير الهادئ. آخر تحديث كان أسوأ قبيحة جدا لا يمكن العثور على <ب>حفظ الصور. يرجى شيئا عن حفظ الموضوع. ولكن <ب>توقف الكثير. لن استيراد الصور الموجودة و يبقى تحطمها. أنا تثبيته على هاتفي تقول <ب>توقف عن الاستجابة. أسوأ محرر النص من أي وقت مضى. <ب>تعطل كل مرة أحاول فتح. التطبيق لا يمكن نقلها إلى بطاقة SD. لا يمكن أن <ب>حفظ الصورة بعد تحرير هاتفي. لا العمل مع الروبوت كيت كات :.


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  • TsRestaurantri

    TsRestaurantri رائع جدا فقط يحتاج الي نظام تركيب صورة علي صورة مثلا اريد ان اضع اسم قناة او صورة علامة تجارية ..شكرا للعاملين ع البرنامج الرائع

  • gwiggins

    gwiggins Amazing App!! The controls are very easy, the design of the app is unique and cool (Very professional app indeed), and the effects applying time is relatively short . If you're in a hurry and you want to edit a "foto" or make a "foto" collage, then this a

  • laverde

    laverde البرنامج تحفه بيحول الصور العاديه من كاميرة الموبايل الضعيفه صورHD

  • briansampsell

    briansampsell Pretty good effects and editing options. Filters are good. Camera ia basic, not much there. Could have been better integrated with the editor right at time of taking pic. Suggestion: The collage options are good. However, please provide option to edit text on the magazine templates. Also for the templates where you can use one pic to stretch across the various boxes, it would be useful if the app can do the adjusting of images for us. Difficult to do it manually. Fantastic

  • amitweb007

    amitweb007 Very Good But few things Missing I like the editor a lot but few things like specific shade , remove blemishes , specific darken are not there . Hope it comes soon. Rest It is a very Good app .I am satisfied :) Enjoy it!

  • kesndbkd

    kesndbkd Great!! I really loved this app! And recommend for anyone looking for great edits to download this app. This app has helped me make youtube channel art. And i appreciate this app unlike other apps. Thanks so much for creating this app because i have already tried like 35 editing apps. Flawless

  • Ahclexeaaq

    Ahclexeaaq Best Editing App! This is just as good as many paid apps. The features are pretty nice. It's not Adobe Photoshop, but it's still very good. You can edit several different types of pictures, from selfies to landscapes! Great job

  • PeaparaPh

    PeaparaPh Fantastic, full featured editor. Photos taken on my phone can be hit and miss, but this app makes them all look as if they have been shot on my dslr. Enjoy it!

  • amygreen

    amygreen I wish I could customize frames by changing colors on them like I can with fonts. Good app otherwise. Great!

  • ascepreds

    ascepreds What do I have to say?! I can't say anything besides, "LOVE LOVE LOVE!" The best app out there! I can sit on here for hrs, because so many shades, colors, etc to make your picture color amazing! I had a picture taken in a dark dark place & I came out with "AMAZING" results for my picture. If it wasn't for this app, I would've lost so many meaningful picture's!! Thank you. Thannnnk you, from the bottom of my heart!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Surprisingly

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