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  • onebillionminds

    onebillionminds Uber cool Adobe didn't allow text reflow for image added pdfs. But foxits image hiding facility overcame it. Easy to read..mwaaah! Just wow

  • cwoznicki

    cwoznicki Very promising pdf reading on both desktop and mobile. Integration with Google Drive is good, but it will make things even better if we can sync with the file (or even folder) back to cloud after we make changes, comment or highlight text ~ wow lol

  • fqdavk

    fqdavk side scrollbar is missing I love this app so much so that I've trashed adobe forever and got one copy each of this on my laptop and desktop. But on my android I couldn't find side scrollbar which makes it very difficult to navigate through lengthy pdf's. I had to switch to thumbnail view to make navigation a bit easy.If you folks at foxit could please fix this I will definitely give it a 5 star rating.. thanks.. Enjoy it!

  • mikasse

    mikasse buggy auto-rotate when you tab out of the app and get back to it again the auto rotate gets locked on landscape mode Perfect!

  • south1aka

    south1aka Love it.. The Best I really love the responsive feature. You can enlarge the text and read the PDF as it is. It really solves a great problem. Enjoy it!

  • Uvkjwqzfsbvga

    Uvkjwqzfsbvga By far, the best PDF reader as of yet Despite having little problem holding the last read page from previous sessions, this app is by far the most enjoyable one out there, and trust me, I've tried a lot. Not only is there a working text reflow that allows easy reading on mobiles, there's also a function to make the text bigger. It's honestly the best I could find. A way to inverse colors (white text on black background instead of the opposite) is really the only thing that separates this app from perfection. Flawless

  • Simoncrigs

    Simoncrigs Best pdf reader Am so impressed with the interactive form field, were you can modify pdf documents. Great app. Surprisingly

  • KarpAutomotive

    KarpAutomotive Cool, but… It's really good for reading pdf on tablet. But I found that night mode doesn't work if pdf is created with images in it (not typing in word and converted to pdf) while Adobe Reader works. Brilliant

  • hobby_press

    hobby_press Zoom Facility Very easy to zoom and no need to move the screen. Page itself adjusted like mobile view. Worth it!

  • rmlmucxka

    rmlmucxka How XODO opens multi-tab in a single instance it's a WONDER. Can't FOXIT do it in its Android version? Recommend

  • rmiwkk

    rmiwkk It's fine but... This app cannot deal with rotating screen. If you want to shift between horizontal and vertical view you hafe to close and reopen the app. That's really annoying when you read technical stuff. Enjoy it!

  • evaeva

    evaeva Me like this app What I like most is it's feature to preload next pages for easy navigation. I like reading on this browser! Well done!!

  • UuWakefield56

    UuWakefield56 Please allow automatic saving and recovery after app is closed in the background Please allow automatic saving and recovery after app is closed in the background Works great

  • jennifers

    jennifers Good It should give us options to save the original file with editable signature and to flatten the file with signature, instead it saves all the changes. Brilliant

  • MilanWilson

    MilanWilson Too expensive Remember your roots Foxit. Stay affordable for us working class; that's what made you great! Superior independent product ! Superb!

  • GlypeCycleBer

    GlypeCycleBer Broken 2.5 years ago I rated Foxit 5-star and regarded it the best PDF reader. It has since become worse and worse. The render speed is no longer blazing; the clever interface has been abandoned. Text highlighting is a frustrating experience (unlike Adobe Reader where your finger is below the text, so you can see precisely what portions are highlighted), it has ugly dark blue color by default, and you can't change that (to bright yellow as in Adobe Reader and real life) in Settings. What's wrong with you, guys?? Cool

  • anippitte

    anippitte Good app and provides a good user interface.....but like its pc version it should support multi tab feature in android also... Great!

  • indirectcheck

    indirectcheck Much better than competitors Opens pdf quickly and effectively. I've tried alternative pdf readers also. But none of them is compact and as efficient as this. I'm now using this in my pc also. Must have for all those pdf lovers Perfect!

  • ClairBerch210

    ClairBerch210 Update for Chinese font support Please make updates for displaying correct Chinese fonts for android foxit reader. Then it will be perfect PDF reader on android . Fabulous!

  • augustine72

    augustine72 best for editing PDF files This is the only app that has worked for editing PDF files with form fields. And, it's easy to use, because it works very logically. love it