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تحميل Free NES Emulator للحصول على الروبوت

Deimos Applications

وحدة التحكم الكلاسيكية من نينتندو، والآن على جهاز الروبوت الخاص بك!

( 7,566 )
الإصدار: 2.15
حجم: 4.8M


تم الإفراج عن NES للمرة الأولى في أمريكا الشمالية في عام 1985 وتنشيط صناعة القمار بعد تحطم لعبة فيديو من عام 1983. 62 مليون أنظمة بيعت وبحلول عام 1990 30٪ من الأسر الأمريكية لديها نظام الترفيه نينتندو. الآن يمكنك ان تلعب جميع أفضل الألعاب من 80s على هاتفك!


- ضوابط للتخصيص
- غش
- سريع إلى الأمام
- يعمل مع روم مضغوط
- معظم ما يصل إلى تاريخ ومضاهاة البرنامج

ليست مدرجة ألعاب متنوعه مع هذا الطلب. الألعاب التي كنت قد حصلت بالفعل من الناحية القانونية ويمكن العثور على العديد من المواقع.

هذا التطبيق هو بأي حال من الأحوال أقرتها أو تابعة لشركة نينتندو. تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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تعليقات حول Free NES Emulator

  • ykoxubsvk

    ykoxubsvk Google search A simple Google search will help u download roms. Just search for Nintendo roms and I'm sure anyone can find what they need. Good

  • umnxrlvochr

    umnxrlvochr Its ok But the keypads are so laggy ... the lengend of zelda is hard to play with them . Perfect

  • vcjmwdqamu

    vcjmwdqamu Holy Awesomeness!!! Works great! There should be no complaints about included games. Very happy so far. Yay! I just increased my game library by thousands.Thank you so much. If downloaders need games for this they should brows the web for torrents with applicable roms in them. This app is a definite must have for all old school gamers and new. Thanks again. I have a meeting with Zelda, so I have to go now. Works great

  • ronswaws

    ronswaws A little bug. On Super Mario Bros., whenever I go forward and press the a button at the same time, the a button bugs. It won't work sometimes. But still five stars, for the best nes emulator. =)

  • webaucdaily

    webaucdaily Samsung Galaxy Prevail Lte This nes emulator is perfect awesome no problems runs smooth i downloaded all super mario bros & super mario world they all work perfect i downloaded other games they all work perfect great job on this app it's the best

  • Indotco

    Indotco How to get roms Just Google free roms. Duh. Downloads straight to your phone. All zip files so take up no space. Come on guys. App is awesome.

  • sorsHosisee

    sorsHosisee OK... This seems pretty good, its just I have no clue how to get the games and play then from the files. It would help of you provided some links to websites that have these games.

  • deksia

    deksia Best one to date Everyone is complaining that this comes with no ROMs, or that they don't know what a ROM is. Stop rating the app low because of you not being familiar with ROMs! Just stop it! This is supposed to be an emulator, not a game, and for an emulator, it does it's job pretty damn good. The controls work great, and so does every aspect of this emulator so shut up you stupid jerks!

  • ivorbim

    ivorbim Effective and handles well Love it. No adds during setup or playing. Cleared Mega Man 2 no probs. Very little lag. Keypad is a bit slow and difficult and response tricky. But its free app with no ads its an excellient win and plays most roms in zip mode. Save states good.

  • Women14

    Women14 Worked decent Better than most not perfect was able to beat contra n punchout using it so ......

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