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GameBattles هو أكبر عبر منصة على الانترنت بالامارات الألعاب البطولة النظام مع أكثر من 10 مليون لاعب مسجل و 100 وحدة التحكم وجهاز الكمبيوتر الألقاب ، بما في ذلك نداء الواجب, Halo, Gears of War, صاروخ الدوري الاميركي للمحترفين 2k, مادن انتصاره, NHL, الفيفا, اضرب, وغيرها الكثير!

GameBattles التطبيق سوف يسمح لك لعرض الشخصية الخاصة بك إحصائيات وإنجازات, إطلالة تقدم الفريق الخاص بك و احصائيات, إطلالة المقرر المباريات ، تقرير عشرات مباراة ، وعرض نتائج المباريات الأخيرة.

نحن نعتقد أنك سوف تحب هذا الإصدار الأحدث من GameBattles التطبيق ، ونحن نعمل بالفعل على التحديثات المستقبلية التي سوف تعطيك القدرة على العثور على جدول المباريات ، إدارة فرق وكسب مكافآت. سيتم إضافة تلك الخصائص استنادا إلى ما يريد مجتمع لذا يرجى التأكد من تقديم ملاحظاتك مباشرة في التطبيق ونحن نواصل بناء أفضل تجربة ممكنة المحمول على GameBattles.

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تعليقات حول GameBattles

  • pmpoolguys

    pmpoolguys Match finder Match finder finally works so thank you. But there is 1 problem with this app, whenever you find a match it gets hosts and sometimes maps wrong. Highly Recommend.

  • Annie252

    Annie252 Works great I've only played two matches with it but it was very easy to report the score and get an opponent Perfect!

  • RarEnrintyRig

    RarEnrintyRig Really good app Only wish it hard forms and you can see the team ladder and check out other teams or players. Works perfectly

  • indielegacy

    indielegacy Matches aren't correct The app works for, there's some settings that aren't featured here. A big issue is that the host for matches isn't always correct. Most of the time, the website and app don't show the same thing. Always having to refer to the website kind of defeats the purpose here. Works perfectly

  • aswhurg

    aswhurg Good app, could improve. Overall it's a great app but in the app drawer of my Note 4 the word "GameBattles" doesn't fit properly forcing the 's' to move to a second line. Also the matches that you create do not match the ones created on the website. Pretty good

  • cheapestwowgoldnge

    cheapestwowgoldnge Better Well my match finder just spins in a circle but I think that it's because it just updated. Hopefully I'll be able to later but the fact that I can find a match now is awesome Go well

  • nabers12

    nabers12 Great!!! Just give the app a little bit more similaritie to the original gamebattles website❤ Great!

  • tventuri

    tventuri Not as useful as I thought it should be. You should be able to schedule matches and stuff Flawless

  • ragvmcoco

    ragvmcoco Brilliant excellent way to track your teams performance and view your upcoming matches,so glad they made an android version :) Superb!

  • ElleChanelPR

    ElleChanelPR Awesome Makes it so much easier wish they would make it so we can submit proof which would make it so much easier than the current way of doing it other than that it's a great app! Perfect!

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