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Geometry Dash Meltdown الإصدار الأخير للأندرويد

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الإصدار: 1.00
حجم: 37.14MB


الاستعداد لهندسة جديدة داش مغامرة مليئة المزيد من طفرات وحوش مما كان يعتقد ممكن!

ثني الإصبع كليكي الخاص بك كما تقفز، ويطير والوجه في طريقك من خلال الكهوف المظلمة والعقبات شائك.

اللعبة ميزات
• القائم على إيقاع العمل Platforming!
• ثلاث مستويات فريدة من نوعها مع الموسيقى من F-777!
• فتح الرموز الإنهيار فريدة من نوعها والألوان لتخصيص الطابع الخاص بك!
• تحلق الصواريخ، والجاذبية الوجه وأكثر من ذلك بكثير!
• استخدم طريقة الممارسة لشحذ المهارات الخاصة بك!
• تحدي نفسك مع المستحيل قرب!

الهندسة داش يجيب على السؤال القديم: "ماذا يحصل عند خلط التكنو، دوبستيب، والمسامير وقوس قزح؟" تحميل ومعرفة ...

التي وافقت عليها RubRub (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °) تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
الهندسة داش الانهيار اللعبة, الهندسة داش 2.011 apk, الهندسة داش الانهيار apk, الهندسة داش العالم, الهندسة داش الانهيار النسخة الكاملة

ميزة: • القائم على إيقاع العمل Platforming! • ثلاثة مستويات فريدة من نوعها مع الموسيقى من F-777! • فتح فريدة من نوعها الانهيار الرموز و الألوان لتخصيص الطابع الخاص بك! • تطير الصواريخ الوجه الجاذبية وأكثر من ذلك بكثير! • استخدام وضع الممارسة لصقل المهارات الخاصة بك! • تحدي نفسك مع شبه مستحيل!

بشكل افتراضي: بحاجة الى مزيد من المستويات


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تعليقات حول Geometry Dash Meltdown

  • idating4u

    idating4u Awesome app and doesnt lag This is a more updated version of geometry dash lite. Awesome new levels that are challenging. So out to all geometry fans, GET THIS APP!! But be careful. It's really hard. Otherwise nice bright neon colours. Just another great collection of games. Awesome #geometrydash love it

  • prettyzombiegirl

    prettyzombiegirl Love it!!!!!! But... It is a great game with lots of cool little characters, splendid music, and challenging levels. It has adds though, and people say it has glitches, but I have not found them. It keeps telling me to get the full version for more levels and characters, but it does not seem to exist! Speaking of levels, there are only three, but they are challenging (especially the "Airborne Robots" level). You can also choose a practice mode inside the levels to have checkpoints to help you get the hang of the level. The practice is like a workout room! (Not really, I am kidding) Surprisingly

  • Julian42x

    Julian42x Fantastic Entry Point! I love how RubRub made a game for print just getting into the game. Compared to what's available now, the beginning, easier levels are so barren. For people who want to truly experience all the game has to offer, they have to be good enough to do well at harder levels. In a game like Geometry Dash, it's not easy. That's why this game is awesome. Coupled with some amazing levels themselves, it's a great way for newcomers to see just how fantastic full game is. And more levels are always better :). Good

  • fenwrick

    fenwrick We want MORE From the beginning, the levels look stunning and the songs are fantastic. The only thing I'd like more of is levels!!! It doesn't even have as many as GD Lite, which is kind of a disappointment. So if you're REALLY good at getting through these levels, you'll be finished with this game very fast. Pretty good

  • camsex317

    camsex317 Did you know? Did you know all of the songs in here are from F-777? F-777 is the band who created deadlocked! Look at the soundtrack :D wow lol

  • Nicholas333

    Nicholas333 FUN I really love this game and it is very addictive. The only problem with it is that they don't come out with new levels to play fast enough. I already have all the levels completed and it has been like a month since anything new in the game has happened. A little bit disappointed Flawless

  • sandrazupanskinews

    sandrazupanskinews It's alright It's a really good game, but it could do with a couple more levels, and a few tweaks to the control's. More often than not I die because my character didn't jump. Either its my phone or the game and I hope to God it's my phone. This is a very good game and I recommend this to people who have more free time than they know what to do with. Great job

  • selkat

    selkat Good but why wait 2.1 update? Unless 2.1 is very soon then whats the point in waiting if most people are gonna forget the app? Also if 2.1 were coming soon @robtopgames then you should just transfer those levels over and remove this app and when you transfer them just have a button that could switch over from regular to meltdown and have it transfer your stuff it would make sense. Anyways gg too easy and tons of ads Perfect!

  • libertyhorses

    libertyhorses SO FAR SO GOOD: GREAT SONGS, GOOD GAMEPLAY I really like jumping games, and geometry dash is a very good jumper game. This particular download has great songs,and I have nothing against them. One thing: I wish they would include the game editor on the free version. Fabulous!

  • rpwlcoyct

    rpwlcoyct The jump won't work... This game is great with catchy music and descriptive colors, but I can't play any of the levels, and only crashing into obstacles, making the game a little unenjoyable. Plus, Ads. I can't tell you how many ads pop up when you start the game too. But other than that, the game is very nice and is a good skill to learn. wow lol

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