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Natenai Ariyatrakool

توهج الهوكي 2 يسلم نمط جديد من لعبة الهوكي. من السهل اللعب، من الصعب الرئيسي.

( 428,988 )
الإصدار: 1.0.9
حجم: 11M


توهج هوكي 2 يسلم نمط جديد من لعبة الهوكي. من السهل اللعب، من الصعب السيطرة. تحدي نفسك مع خصوم الكمبيوتر أو اللعب مع أصدقائك!

وضع + 2 لاعب - المتعدد (على نفس الجهاز).
+ 3 محاور.
+ الرسومات الملونة توهج.
+ على نحو سلس ومتجاوب اللعب.
+ الفيزياء واقعية.
+ طريقة اللعب السريع (لاعب واحد)، تحدي نفسك مع 4 مستويات صعوبة (سهلة لمجنون).
+ 4 المجاذيف وكرات الصولجان اختيار.
+ تذبذب عند الهدف.
+ دعم تقريبا جميع أجهزة الروبوت.

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تعليقات حول Glow Hockey 2‏

  • lasvegascasino

    lasvegascasino Liked it Its a good game but its exactly the same as the old glow hockey and the icon made it look good but its no better than the original. Im not saying its a bad game but its meant to be glow hockey 2 not the original Good

  • Shoodoclori

    Shoodoclori Good 2 player game Enjoyed it very much .... but 1 fault is that we get bored after playing few games as not in the case of other games . Like wcc2 , vollleyball,ski safari 2 ,etc. And it has high glowing lights so eyes get affected. BaDLy Fabulous!

  • papejutle

    papejutle This and part one are the same thing only part one is missing one theme. Tbe title screen in this doesn't even say glow hockey 2... just says glow hockey free just like part one. Fix this. Recommend

  • pureguys

    pureguys Its good I mean its good but it needs to have things like having 2 player with other people playing, like WiFi connection to play with other players Highly Recommend.

  • jonaleckson

    jonaleckson Amazing. This game looks amazing, But now the puck you players moves is lagging at the moment so, please will you be able to solve the puck issue? Cool

  • marthewlaw

    marthewlaw O.k. The game needs to be at a higher level like a good software. YOU CANT EVEN MOVE YOUR PUCCKLE PROPERLY AND iT GETS HANg AND your puckkle does a goal in your own goal seriously. Muito bom!

  • Zoobneill

    Zoobneill Really good! But.... When u go off the game it puts it back to its original mode like a changed the paddle colours but once I went back on it it changed it back plzzz fix Must have

  • genesartinweb

    genesartinweb a very cool game which can be mastered gradually. I successfully mastered to beat the pc by 7-0 in insane mode (not consistently, but in a good number of times).instead of updating the themes it would be better to update strategy of the game like unlocking extra features or multiplayer online etc. but still a great game which I could not delete even after playing for 2 years. Perfect!

  • LAReaders

    LAReaders Awesome game Not only kids but also seniors can play it but I have a request can you make the table in game a little big Muito bom!

  • auglsix

    auglsix Fast This game is fast and not laggy at all. One problem tho: too many ads. If you make it with less ads, I'll rate it 5 star Fantastic

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