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يوفر GNURoot ديبيان طريقة بالنسبة لك لتثبيت واستخدام ديبيان والتطبيقات المرتبطة به / حزم جنبا إلى جنب مع الروبوت.

هذا لا يتطلب الجذر.
A إلغاء العادي ينظف بالكامل بعد هذا التطبيق.
هذا هو توسيع وسوف تكون قادرة على تثبيت الخاص applciations يمكن الخاصة / حزم في ذلك.

داخل GNURoot ديبيان، يمكنك إنشاء نظام الملفات الجذر، وإطلاق في ذلك، أو حذفه.

موتو هو: "لا يتم ذلك، حتى كل شيء سيتم تشغيل *"
* كل شيء == كل لينكس، والتطبيقات الفضائية المستعمل، دون الحاجة إلى استئصال جهازك. بعض الأشياء (عدد قليل من الأشياء)، وهذا يتطلب في الواقع سوف الجذر لا تعمل (مثل إدخال حدة النواة).

يرجى: البق الملف، طلبات جديدة من التعليمات البرمجية نظرا هنا:

وترعى هذا العمل الآن Teradyne!

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تعليقات حول GNURoot Debian

  • rgndno

    rgndno Truly amazing, really works well Just installed all the prerequisites, and the bundle command to build wpscan worked, as did the scanner. So cool having a full Linux system available in my pocket. Oh, and apt install gauche gives me an R7RS scheme, and, after installing gcc, make, and git, and setting LDFLAGS to include nostackexec, rakudobrew builds a working perl6 (though not yet panda or zef, alas). GNU Emacs works fine. Go well

  • NRHwujin

    NRHwujin X doesn't work N7(2013) Installed X and upon launching I get: VNC server failed with reason: failed to connect to /127.0.01 (port 5951): connection failed: ECONNREFUSED (Connection refused) . Any help? Muito bom!

  • cardie_r

    cardie_r Perfect for what it is Understanding the limitations of a solution designed to work on unrooted devices is a must. This can't be a perfect replacement for a full distribution with access to the full system. It provides exactly what I need to run some CLI programs on my phone. I don't care about GUI so I can't comment on that portion of the app. Thanks! Great job

  • ewkhkztlwht

    ewkhkztlwht Outstanding No exception, absolutely the best utility to handle Linux on Android, & all with root! If you are a cmd line junkie, this is pure gold:) Just wow

  • lbvxjnze

    lbvxjnze Doesnt work anymore Worked before but now when attempting to install X Support it stops at 'packages being installed in GNURoot Debian' and just stays like that forever. With the circle spinning. On marshmallow 6.0; on running install x support again it says dpkg was intterupted must enter some command manually. also E: slave was not permitted access during normal debian install. Also when you rotate the screen it stops the packages being installed screen. Had to uninstall though as it flat out doesnt work for me anymore. Good

  • uysjohn

    uysjohn Paste Great app! I totally love it. But I have this small issue: When I copy a link or a command, the 'paste' is greyed-out when I long press the screen. Great!

  • hadfzorxrj

    hadfzorxrj Impressive I use Arch Linux on all my machines. I'm both extremely pleased, and very impressed with this program. You've managed to use a fakeroot environment to run za distribution from, and that's no small feat! Good work contributers! Perfect!

  • IrinMorr

    IrinMorr LOVE THE CONCEPT. my problem is that I need to use a proxy server which needs a browser sign on. I have signed on in android, still I cannot update/install anything on GNURoot. love it

  • ktyeatmzjq

    ktyeatmzjq Help X support will not install. This app seems pretty great. Please help or fix it and I'll rate 5 stars. Brilliant

  • gresfdfktlomi

    gresfdfktlomi MAKE A ROOT VERSION Please make a version with supersu permissions because every other app is either outdated or is buggy. 5* if you make a root version. Superb!

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