God and Jesus Jigsaw Puzzle for Android

الله ويسوع اللغز هو لعبة الدينية التعلم للأطفال والكبار
  • ziebellj

    ziebellj Jesus Hey guys,I want to teld you something, Jesus Christ is our lord our teacher our father who art in heaven he love you he save you from evil don't afraid he is always with us he never leave us believed in Jesus Christ he fail pain from you sins,Amen

  • DominicVi

    DominicVi IMPORTANT READ THIS YOU DO OR DON'T BELIVE IN GOD IDK (Go hear There is power in the name of jesus or go to oxygen that where i got it)This is what kids should play,of course some people may not like puzzle or think they are bad at it but you don't have to buy this if you belive in god but don't like puzzles,just because you don't like puzzles it doesn't mean you don't like god, as you see if you go to "god games you see there are very few games of god you will think im wrong but 90% of the games are violence so at least buy some games of god,but NOT the games that has violence in them. Sorry for waisting your time but i am not waisting your time you are ,if you don't start belive him then who will safe you life just because you belive in him doesn't mean you are now his daughter /son,you have to pray twice a day,read the bible,go to church, and when you think you are really go a tell the paster you want to be batise (i don't know how to spell that good) thank

  • kayrx7

    kayrx7 Listen closely with your soul The time is here, the time has come, not for judgement, but for fun, try your best to get them done, then proceed to the next one.

  • stanrosenfield

    stanrosenfield TruthSeeker Puzzle's fine, problem is the pop up app keeps stopping the game decided to uninstall too frustrating.