تحميل Hill Racing: Christmas Special للحصول على الروبوت


الأكثر الادمان الفيزياء استنادا سباقات السيارات وتسلق التل لعيد الميلاد.

( 24,629 )
الإصدار: 1.01
حجم: 13M


الأكثر الادمان الفيزياء مقرها سباق السيارات والدراجات لعبة سباق لذوي الميلاد قادم!
السيطرة على السيارة أو الدراجة على تسلق التلال مع معظم تحكم واقعية، ومواجهة تحديات بيئات صعبة وانحدار فريدة من نوعها. جمع القطع النقدية لرفع مستوى السيارة ودفع أكثر من ذلك بكثير.

- الكثير من المركبات المختلفة.
- ترقية المحرك، والإطارات، تعليق، والتناوب، GAS السلطة، 4WD، الخ
- مشاهد عديدة مع مستويات للوصول في كل منهما.

تعال للانضمام إلى هذا هذا جنون لعبة سباق تسلق شاقة الآن! تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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ميزة: الرسومات الملونة الفيزياء واقعية ضوابط بسيطة العديد من السيارات المختلفة


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تعليقات حول Hill Racing: Christmas Special

  • efrenvidal

    efrenvidal This game is literally have the best racing/upgrade game i have ever played! So fun and addicting!

  • bdthomas

    bdthomas 5* for coins however... I really rate 4* because game won't close which i hate! Otherwise so far so good.

  • arburg

    arburg Can't afford to play Cost to much can't even make it 200 m on the second level the piece of junk truck can't make it up the hill worthless

  • Hxdpfbxt

    Hxdpfbxt Have to say... Good Game is good but not being able to find settings of vehicles while playing game. Had to rate 5 star to get coins

  • Pxadmhkq

    Pxadmhkq Game I have not seen like this .This is the world best game .I like this game so much .I am rating this game a five star

  • Williamisqny

    Williamisqny Great game Very good for you, play games and enjoy the benefits of the most of the most of the most of the most of the most of the best price online for free register your own review the information intended to give a call to discuss this incoming and the family

  • runinwyld

    runinwyld It's ok It's not the best of these types of games. But it keeps me busy. Only rating 5 stars for the free money. Without it, I would give it a 3. BTW devs, it's a bit shady that you have to rate 5 stars to get free stuff. Because, it's not a 5 star game. You really should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Rermarmoboche

    Rermarmoboche Great game Great game I recommend it to the people who are interested in this game and the pick up truck is awesome it may be your first automobile but it is frickin awesome.

  • docprov

    docprov Love you and your family is doing well Support for the first time since I way I see it in my life is a very wondering if you are looking for a while back and forth between

  • zloys1985

    zloys1985 Hill climb Christmas special I've been playing their original game "hill climb racing "now for a few years. And that game is cool. But it ain't nothing like this version what so ever! The ghrafics are great. I just started playing it though. And I'm still on the first level and it's taking me some time to beef up my truck. But other than that, I'm loving this game! Good

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