Hill Racing PvP

Tomato Mobile
هيل سباق حماية الأصناف النباتية هو الأكثر الادمان الفيزياء على أساس لعبة القيادة

lizzet_15MORE FUN than the original Hill Climb Racing! I just wish more people played it so multiplayer would actually find an opponent. Couple issues tho: 1) When I pause and resume, everything is fine. But when I pause, turn my screen off, and return later, it crashes when I try to resume, every time. 2) Cars tend to get stuck "high centered" on sharp peaks too easily. Hill Climb Racing doesn't have this issue. This needs to be fixed in this game. 3) Car engine sounds have stopped working on several cars. Not sure why. They used to work. 4) Needs to be updated with more cars and stages. 5) Needs porting to Apple ios, so that Android users can play with their Apple friends. Overall excellent game. Highly recommend. And, just like in Hill Climb Racing, the unsuspecting police car fully upgraded is the best choice for most (but not all) stages. Great!