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Hosts Editor الإصدار الأخير للأندرويد

( 49,297 )
الإصدار: 1.4
حجم: 1.2M


*** FOR الأجهزة الجذر فقط ***

تطبيق إدارة المضيفين مساعدة المطورين على استعداد لتعديل بهم / الخ / تستضيف (/ النظام / الخ / تستضيف) ملف بسهولة.
وهذا يمكن أن تكون مفيدة جدا إذا كنت بحاجة لاختبار التطبيق الخاص بك على خادم معين عن طريق IP الخاص به.

تطبيقات وجود وصول الجذر حاسمة ويجب أن تكون مصادرها المتاحة.
هذا التطبيق هو 100٪ حرة ورمز مصدر متاح في جيثب!

* أفضل المضيفين محرر التطبيق على مسرحية المتجر
* اشتعلت فيه النيران بسرعة
* هولو موضوع
* أندرويد 2.2 وما فوق
* مجاني ومفتوح المصدر!
* روابط الرمزية Support
* لا إعلانات
* متوافق الإصدار IPv6 تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
تستضيف محرر شرح, تستضيف محرر apk, تستضيف محرر ترجمة باللغة الانجليزية الصربية, اللغة الانجليزية باللغة الصربية, تحميل ترجمة فيلم ترجمة باللغة الانجليزية الصربية, فيلم فيلم, تحميل ترجمة فيلم ترجمة باللغة الانجليزية الصربية, فيلم ترجمة باللغة الانجليزية الصربي

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تعليقات حول Hosts Editor

  • tescomatrixgame

    tescomatrixgame Solved my problem Well its very easy ive tried via terminal but no luck, this app solved "play store no connection" problem... Fabulous!

  • adamcondo

    adamcondo Works perfect. ROOT Required. Works a charm. Loaded a huge 700,000 line hosts file for a few edits and toggles and it took care of it in a breeze. No crashes, no freezes. Those who underrate this clearly don't know what they're doing and should underrate themselves. ROOT required. Suggest you mention that in the heading too. Works perfectly

  • forrestwatts1123

    forrestwatts1123 good app can't say anything but I want to ask how to get "root" I can't put a hack for my coc bit still it's usable for my other apps Go well

  • vwbqfuzfvtv

    vwbqfuzfvtv Lol all the noobs in the reviews. You must be annoyed by all the freaking scrubs rating ur app down. It works just fine, keep up the good work! Idiots who don't know what this app does cry and rate ur app down after they broke something lop. Great job

  • jaselarcara

    jaselarcara Don't work Every time I try to hit add host name it says that I need a route are you suppose to wipe out clash of clans first or no please help Works great

  • wcrhqnjsqav

    wcrhqnjsqav Even handles large hosts files This app has nothing to do with any game, it changes the routing of host names only, you need to know exactly what you are doing, and your phone needs to be rooted first. I have flashed the 'Mother of all add blocking' hosts file, which is too big for most text editors on Android to handle. But this app works fine, even search is fast.

  • dfsoglfj

    dfsoglfj Download the full IP list Use this app with MoAAB on xda-developers and flash it, works way better than any ad blocker

  • efktpgx

    efktpgx Ignore CoC players! This app is truly awesome ignore the CoC players they give it one star from them being stupid not knowing anything about this app. It's truly a great app!

  • veztncz

    veztncz Thank you! Anyone who knows what it is used for would be grateful for this app. I feel sorry for you because many STUPID people install this app without knowing its main usage. STUPID COC PLAYERS out there are so DUMB and give bad rating because of their own STUPIDITY.

  • zswirlo

    zswirlo Colin Ru I have solve the problem...u must remembered that what ip u had entered.. Then u have to find it from list & delete it just restart & u coc working

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