تحميل حساب HTC—تسجيل دخول الخدمات للحصول على الروبوت

HTC Corporation

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الإصدار: 8.70.1104999
حجم: 7.2 MB


باستخدام حساب HTC، سجِّل الدخول إلى خدمات متعددة من HTC في مكان واحد عبر هاتفك. استخدم خدمات مثل السمات وVive والمنتدى بدون تكرار كتابة بيانات الاعتماد.

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تعليقات حول حساب HTC—تسجيل دخول الخدمات

  • artknight

    artknight نريد وبشدة انتي فايرس من اصدار شركة htc ويحتوي علي مانع الاعلانات

  • robinhood17

    robinhood17 إلى HTC لا اجد تحديثا لهاتفي ارجوا الرد باللغة العربية ... HTC ONE M9+

  • rtrtent11

    rtrtent11 Wait Whats with the irate comments on here? If you hate HTC then get another phone from another company to appease yourself? Its getting ridiculous because I see it on ALL of HTCs apps. Great job

  • purelement

    purelement Love Upgrade 3 versions of Android since getting this phone. This is a g great business strategy HTC and you are better at this then LG or Samsung. Keep it up. Amazing!

  • smartdevil

    smartdevil It's usefull I have that program at my phone when i bought it and i dont have any problem with my battery and my system Surprisingly

  • ssfali

    ssfali Please Help I love my phone, but recently it began going Ultron on me. It won't bring up my Google play info when I'm connected to my home WiFi, but will when I'm using 3g or 4g data. It won't allow my streaming apps such as Netflix and TunedIn to open fully or function anymore. It abnormally restarts by itself. I know it's an old phone ( first generation HTC one) but for what I paid for it when it came out; it should work properly for a long time. Can you help or direct me to someone who can? wow lol

  • ssauceda19

    ssauceda19 Glitches Since the last HTC update certain apps disconnect my data and my notifications tone changes at will. Very frustrating. Great!

  • pinkwednesdays

    pinkwednesdays I love HTC!! But... I have an HTC Desire 626s. Why didn't you make the software marshmallow 6.0 update available for my version? The HTC Desire got it but not the 626s??? That is unfair & doesn't make any sense! Also why is the audio so low (even with boomsound) on my version?? I've looked everywhere for answers to these questions & can't find any answers!!! Good

  • Laxevarpmex

    Laxevarpmex I don't know how to get message to HTC about notification Why do I have to see notification about power saver working,I used other brand and I never saw something similar, why 24/7 notification

  • junkthat1855

    junkthat1855 HTC is the best. Don't be so quick to blame HTC, many things can cause issues, If your having issues with your phone maybe it's operator error or an app you downloaded. HTC is the most dependable phone !! Most phone makers these days get all their innovation and ideas form HTC. Front cameras, metal body's and antenna bands, stereo speakers/front facing speakers, dual cameras, live photos etc.. also if you have a problem, HTC has uh-oh protection and will replace it for free, you won't find that anywhere else !!

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    5.0 and up
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    HTC Corporation
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    7.2 MB
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    19 de de 2020