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InCell هو VR العمل لعبة / سباق مع قليلا من استراتيجية والعلوم.

( 2,045 )
الإصدار: 1.4.3
حجم: 72M


InCell هي لعبة العمل / سباق مع قليلا من استراتيجية والعلوم ألقيت في المزيج في عالم الجزئي نادرة وغير مألوفة من الخلية البشرية صوغه بعناية. هذا هو المشروع المناسب للبدء التعارف مع الكرتون VR أو تلقي الانطباعات VR جديدة. وتركز اللعبة على الواقع الافتراضي ولكن يمكن أن تقوم به على ما يرام دون مجموعة (كرتون أو أي دولة أخرى).
للتبديل وضع VR قبالة - مجرد استغلال وعقد الشاشة أو استخدام الزناد كرتون لفتح القائمة الرئيسية.

مشروع تجريبي فريد التي لاختبار الفرص من الواقع الافتراضي الجديد التي تقدمها جوجل كرتون.

متوافق مع مشاهدة ماستر، Fibrum، Homido، Lakento، أركوس، Durovis وغيرها كرتون مثل سماعات الرأس.

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تعليقات حول InCell VR (Cardboard)‏

  • covenantconsulting

    covenantconsulting Fantastic!!! Amazing sense of scale. Fantastic frame rate. The only thing this could use is a centering mechanic. Maybe a button in the cockpit or something. Omg

  • worldleathers

    worldleathers Fun & intuitive This was my first real full VR game using Google cardboard and is a great overall experience. Very fluid and great graphics on my HTC One M8. Only complaint is my orientation sometimes drifts a bit when back at the menu, but that could be more hardware related than a fault of the game. Highly recommended. Worth it!

  • Orgarpnog

    Orgarpnog Great VR experience for beginners Awesome VR gaming experience for new cardboard users.. Decent graphics and nice game concept.. Looking forward for more games.. Great!

  • Mensrightsmovement

    Mensrightsmovement Great game! Really nice graphic and very immserive, I really enjoyed playing this. Please add controller support, it's impossible to play this game without falling on your head sideways without controller. Awesome

  • mikesmmm

    mikesmmm Felt so real!! This felt so real I felt like throwing up after playing for 20 minutes. One star off for having the same music. love it

  • sesame23

    sesame23 Good use of vr cardboard Very cool game for this platform. Nice use of tilt for menu selection and navigation. Graphic at nice too. Fun to play. Go well

  • dimitriyadis

    dimitriyadis Genuinly Brilliant A full game that actually works, no weird glitches, it works. It's very smooth, very clear. Challenging and absolutely a perfect showcase for mobile VR. Flawless

  • Keesoutbabace

    Keesoutbabace Immersive, themed, gaze/head controlled Not having a controller to go with my phone or cardboard setup, I greatly appreciate vr titles using sight and motion control in intuitive, responsive interfaces. The game is also conceptually interesting, and even passively educational. Just wow

  • Sowcoothvatty

    Sowcoothvatty Best VR Game Really awesome vr game with good visuals and realistic content. In ways it also educates about in cell organic composition and many more. Would like to have many more games of such concept. Well done!!

  • Hinaadarf

    Hinaadarf Won't stop pausing 3 stars to be neutral while I seek help for my issue. I can't play the game on my HTC One e8. The game will pause itself every second or so and nothing I do seems to stop it. Google search turns up nothing. It looks like a cool game though. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it. Good

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