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الإصدار: 1.78
حجم: 93 MB


حل لغز المباراة 3 الرائع مع Indy Cat وساعده في استعادة Ball of Fate السحرية!

نحن نعد الجودة 5 نجوم لك!

    • رسومات مذهلة.
    • مدخل الموسيقى.
    • اللعب متنوعة.
    • قصة مثيرة للاهتمام.
    • لعبة القط لمحبي القطط.
    • مجاني لتحميل.
    • تدريب الدماغ ، والتدريب المنطقي
    • الترفيه لجميع أفراد الأسرة ؛
    • تزامن الفيسبوك - لعب كل من الويب والجوال.

عدد لا حصر له من المستويات مع تحديثات منتظمة والكثير من الأحداث المختلفة سوف تجعل مغامراتك مضحكة ومذهلة ومدمرة! يتمتع فقط لأنه يستحق ذلك! تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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تعليقات حول Indy Cat - Match 3 Puzzle Adventure‏

  • stone2010

    stone2010 Great game The only negative thing about the game is that it's a bit hard to tell when the symbols have changed. Otherwise it's all good! :-) Brilliant

  • ttdenim

    ttdenim Luv it!! However, the game I have is not at all what is advertised.... wish it were!! Some "adventure" would be nice...other than constantly playing a match three game Superb!

  • Albertrobson

    Albertrobson Indy Cat 3 This game is fun, I have found all level that I have got through enjoyable but at the same time the levels have made me think that is why I have given this game 5 stars. Works perfectly

  • billiryanix

    billiryanix Fun, fun, fun The speed between level to level and matches is very, very fast which is something I've been looking for. I am so grateful for this! Addictive! Perfect

  • Myovanni

    Myovanni 5 stars. I had this game on the Laptop and loved it. Have it on my tablet. Great game, great graphics and sound. No tech probs whatsoever. Stop bitching about the ads they are the reason the game is free. Install it, people! Perfect!

  • epowerdoc

    epowerdoc Indycat Loving it so far on level 33 at the moment lets see how quick those lives start to run out on later levels. Fantastic

  • kawaljeet

    kawaljeet Great Games Just started playing and I love it. It's fun and enjoyable giving you guys/girls a five star Muito bom!

  • welcomeseo

    welcomeseo Fun easy Been fun and easy so far. Needs more boosters and atleast one free lottery per day, but other than that its a cool game Works great

  • clettau

    clettau Awesome game It has been a wonderful experience playing this game. Its not easy, but If you persist, its possible to get thru all levels. What could make this a great game is a little bit of generosity in giving rewards for good performance. I'm well past 950 levels, but have zero lives and abilities. Worth a go!

  • ThethyFoota

    ThethyFoota Awesome game but frustrates a lot It has been a wonderful experience till level 953. The game is just not allowing me to win past this level. There was a situation where I had only 2 strikes from winning and 30 chances still available, but still the game never gave me any opportunity to win. Very frustrating. Thinking of uninstalling. Sad state of affairs. Marvelous

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