Jetpack Joyride for Android

Halfbrick Studios
Jetpack Joyride الإصدار الأخير للأندرويد
  • mailing315

    mailing315 Ads I really love this game, it's a great pass time and challenging. BUT and this is a very big but, please cut down on the ads. I want to be able to play the game without being asked to play others. Just wow

  • bwykmooess

    bwykmooess Content Content Content Simple game play mechanics with so much content, special events every now and then to. Plus many mini challenges and progression system. Muito bom!

  • byncbliculp

    byncbliculp Great but... Found some bugs 1)If you touch three fingers on your screen while playing the game thinks you already press it 2)Sometimes your gadgets you just equiped unequip as you leave 3)If you already playing and you quit and go to the stash and try touch a gadget the "Get Coins" thing appears on your screen Muito bom!

  • brownbearcreative

    brownbearcreative Good but 3 things that arn't very good... I like it but 1.all the things are expensive 2.too much ads 3. Not very good support and thats all I can say but to add in ; its very good gameplay with lots of stuff and when u lvl up u earn more money and I like it.Good job halfbrick studio wow lol

  • peace_and_nirvana

    peace_and_nirvana Addictive, a few glitches though This is a fantastic time killer, but after a few games it begins to jerk a lot, almost like its only playing every 3rd frame as it goes. It also freezes for about 5 seconds or so whenever a mission is completed which throws you off. Have contacted support before with no result. Otherwise i highly recommend it Great job

  • jacobeachrentals

    jacobeachrentals too much coins for upgrade the jetpack are too costly and the no of coins one earns per game is not that much.. or else it's a good game .. Marvelous

  • luckyshah283

    luckyshah283 But My achievements such x toastie, road trip and fallout r not working. Can u fix it. It's gotten pass irritating. But a great game overall. Enjoy it!

  • zAutos

    zAutos Awesome This game is the bomb. I love it. It has crazy vehicles like Mr cuddles a dragon and bad as a hog a motorcycle.If you get these things that are called tokens you take it to this shop and you spin these lever and you get prizes. It is super awesome Worth it!

  • element8

    element8 I loved it!! This is a lovely game to free stress or put a smile on your face... I recommend you install it. The only complaint I have is about the ads Great job

  • datlkug

    datlkug Fantasssticly fun Until today game keeps shutting off bad little monkeys fix or good review goes in toilet Perfect!

  • cealduacend

    cealduacend Achievements Would be a great game, even with ads all over it.. too bad some of the achievements are glitched and won't unlock.. it was working great on Windows phone.. here on Android.. not really.. Perfect!

  • divamilitia

    divamilitia Used to love it I used to play this game all the time but recently it seems the devs have just become money hungry, forcing micro-transactions and adverts left, right and centre. Still a good game, but tarnished by that in my opinion. Fabulous!

  • HanzenJhon

    HanzenJhon Good job developers,but all vehicles should be free This game is very fun to play. There is no intrusive ads. The only way you get ads are, if you want to get revive, get 3 more tokens or 2xp your coins for a match. A lot of "free" games should take notes on this game on how to do advertise their ads. Still, I think you guys get enough from watching ads, and ALL VEHICLES SHOULD BE FREE Great job

  • wilsmith

    wilsmith It is a really cool game, but . . . I had double coin run, but I died, so I revived myself by watching a video. After I watched the ENTIRE video, the game glitched and I wasnt revived! If you could fix this, I would be happy . . . Must have

  • newscenter

    newscenter Great Greatame Simple game play. Nice graphics. Lots of variety in missions and items you a can pick up as well as in the player customization. Brilliant

  • TitlefrilaRaf

    TitlefrilaRaf Endless adventure! Encourages me to go farther than ever, kills time, and no use of Wi-Fi (well if you purchase anything in the game). Love it! :D Great!

  • niccolowatson

    niccolowatson I love it but... Sometimes when it's loading it freezes and I have to go out of it and click onto it multiple times Highly Recommend.

  • georgeallen07

    georgeallen07 It's 2nd best game EVER!!! It is so awesome. It's really easy and addictive and so fun to play. I got so many level ups and special power ups. My favorite is Mr cuddles. I incourage you to play this game. Download now for free in the app store. Works great

  • albakom

    albakom Favorite game app ever I played this back about a year ago and loved it. I actually beat the game 2 times and restarted. I deleted because of the lack of memory on my old phone. I downloaded it again recently to find that not only is it still awesome, but now it's improved and better than before!!! Well done!!

  • mydaytowmob

    mydaytowmob Addicting This Game Is A Fun Time Killer! When It Was On Facebook I Wasted HOURS On This Game And Now Im Playing It On My Phone! Highly Recommend.