Jewels Legend for Android

متعة والادمان مسدس لعبة المباراة 3!
  • rogalis

    rogalis Fix the ads Playing is loads of fun, however, when the ads start popping up or app solicitation pages open randomly and interferes w/ game. REALLY annoying. Omg

  • paascal431

    paascal431 Jewels Legend Fun game but getting tired of the play store popping up in the middle of a game. Also, if you are on it for extended periods of time, you will get an audio commercial or audio broadcast of something playing in the background. I do not like this and wish you all would remove these from happening. Flawless

  • ufjtesh

    ufjtesh Onyx Used to be my favorite game for the past 4 years. Now the ads are so intrusive that they play when the volume is off they play when the game isn't being played I'm so upset that i can't play like i used to play i have to turn it off because the ads star Worth it!

  • silvvia290

    silvvia290 Onyx Used to be my favorite game for the past 4 years. Now the ads are so intrusive that they play when the volume is off they play when the game isn't being played I'm so upset that i can't play like i used to play i have to turn it off because the ads start playing loud over and over and there is no way to turn it down or off. Still love the game but the ads are horrible go back to the visual ads i didn't mind then and used them from time to time Worth a go!

  • mirjaam444

    mirjaam444 Update gets 5 stars — great game! 2/16/16: Much, much better!! Love it! Crash problem seems gone. Thanks! 10/14/15: The app freezes frequently, and you must kill it. It also has a habit of suddenly launching full-screen ads in the middle of a game, which disrupts the flow. If ad is for Lyft, you enter an endless loop and also must kill the app to exit. 9/17/15: Fun, but it freezes A LOT!! I'd give it a "5" if it didn't crash all the time, or a "4" if it only froze once in a while, because it's quite addicting. Perfect!

  • mustufa2424

    mustufa2424 great match 3 game good fun v addictive one of my favourite match 3 games shame about the adds but not to bad and I suppose it's better than having impossible levels that you require an item to complete then end up having to pay for it Marvelous

  • lylemontoya410

    lylemontoya410 Excellent game. Excellent graphics & sound effects. I love both versions but the casual one is slightly more fun. Highly addictive! Perfect

  • alycenn343

    alycenn343 Rooted Galaxy Y on JellyBlast ROM I love this game as well as Jewel Star but I like this one better because it takes up less space on my phone. Simple and addictive!! Update 2/14/16: Still loving it after all this time and even on higher end phones! Superb!

  • mualimin

    mualimin Great grey matter workout I've played every crush type game by this company and I love them all, but this is by far the best one yet. Wonderful challenge but not timed so fast that you can't conquer each level. It does "stutter" every once in awhile but still well worth the time. I want more! Go well

  • daveycaldwell

    daveycaldwell Used to be my favorite game This is the one I play all the time. Changing my rating from five stars to three. Has started freezing when it never did before. But worse, I'm starting to get audio ads during the game that I can't mute. Totally unacceptable. If this keeps up, I will uninstall and this has been my favorite game for a long time. 5 star

  • nancya1107

    nancya1107 It's just OK.. Laggy touch response and habit of jumping back to the "pause " screen at random makes this just annoying. As you progress through the game the level design renders it virtually impossible and you need blind luck to make it through. Entertaining for a while though.. Great job

  • Yooper4Life

    Yooper4Life Music when on silent? I love this game and would have given it 5 stars except for the ads that play even when my phone is on silent! Seriously! It's on silent for a reason. I can only play this at home now which isn't very often :-( Great!

  • afbarrio

    afbarrio Crashes constantly I've played this for months and months with no problems and now I can't get through a game without it crashing. I've reported the problem and get no help. I'm so disappointed because this is my unwind game when I get home from work. Fantastic

  • BauerFrank

    BauerFrank Good for my brain! This is one of 2 games that have held my interest for several years. Although there are many choices available, I always come back to this or the other Jewels game. Muito bom!

  • naier1

    naier1 A little disappointed This game is very addictive. ....however am getting really of it locking up every 5th or. 6th game. Can you please fix!! Thanks

  • JamesKrikor

    JamesKrikor Enjoyable Like it , it keep my company when there is nothing to do or when I am at work . My kids also love to play it give the relaxation to be quiet

  • sharetipsinfo03

    sharetipsinfo03 Addictive I play this game every time I have to wait for anything, doctors appointments, picking up kids, waiting in line, ect, it's addictive, but also very easy to pause so you can pick up where you left off no problems

  • qfhhkxvoc

    qfhhkxvoc Jewels Legend One of the best games I've played so far. The graphics and designs are very nice, the music is very soothing, relaxing. The playing levels can be difficult but challenging. If you haven't played this game you need to, you won't be disappointed.

  • gwhvkky

    gwhvkky Jewels Legend Casual game downloads gems all the same color! ! Have uninstalled and reinstalled many times with no luck. Help! New phone, same problem! !

  • justkidcostumes7070

    justkidcostumes7070 Jewel legend I really enjoy playing this game I rate it more than a 5 star, its a good and relaxing game.