Jigsaw Puzzle for Android

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Jigsaw Puzzle الإصدار الأخير للأندرويد
  • maniacbeatle

    maniacbeatle Just one complaint ..... Would give a perfect score if you could fix the "START" BUTTON on some of your puzzles so that I can actually play ALL of the puzzles I've purchased . I'm talking about the start button at bottom of page after you've chosen which puzzle you'd like to play. Getting tired of buying puzzle packs and not being able to even play half of them due to this problem. Please fix ! Otherwise, this is one of my favorite apps and I play it every morning before I start my day! Great job

  • Loonetese

    Loonetese Something of interest. I think these puzzles are beautiful. I wish the puzzle could be rotated and expanded. Part of the joy is admiring the picture after completed. Why do many of the free puzzles end with one piece missing? Great!

  • nbmbaatc

    nbmbaatc Keeps losing puzzles Mostly I like doing the puzzles on this app on my galaxy tab3. But every so often the app just stops. Mostly I can go back to the puzzle but I have completely lost 4 puzzles now not funny when you have spent time on them. Also 2 puzzles have completed with a piece missing got the congratulations message and everything. It would also be nice if puzzle title was there when it is finished as I often cannot remember by then. Must have


    REALESTATE2 Awesome I have had this game for a long time and I have never run out of puzzles. I spend lots of time doing jigsaw puzzles. Booya good game Flawless

  • alkiviadqi

    alkiviadqi Over priced The game makes you pay for the sample pack! The only time it's free is if you use 81 pieces or lower. Great!

  • nvnaclatlrl

    nvnaclatlrl Have owned this app. for almost 2 yrs. I bought it after using the near perfect free version. I still enjoy it BUT...although, Sometimes not easy to control. Its Getting better than a year ago, thanks for that. The pictures are stunning as always however you offer less in the way of free. It would be awesome to see the old free subjects get new material. YES I have bought several of your photo packages! All in all its still the best in my opinion!

  • michaelharri

    michaelharri Pause & auto rotate Pause button agsin not working on android which is a real shame as it is a key function (we like to race each othet) other than tgat the app is great, but be aware that it only works in portrait and not landscape unless ypu have an ipad?

  • ashey_4

    ashey_4 Its good Its ok but i play it on tadlet and it is way better but phone version does not have the cristmas gift wate off to bad its not even close to tadlet version yeah to bad :(

  • electrci

    electrci PERFECT UPGRADE! After several requests, now you can delete any puzzle pak without having to uninstall and then restoring paks you stillvwant. This is the best jigsaw package out there. Thank you for fixing that problem

  • sjin2010

    sjin2010 Loved it...the amout of puzzels that are available is crazy...I highly recommend it!

  • stuttering

    stuttering Would be 5 star if glitches fixed Doesn't close properly on android, and sometimes a piece won't respond, other than that, very nice. Love the puzzle of the day feature.

  • daniela_erasmus

    daniela_erasmus DO NOT DOWNLOAD My brother has this on the iPhone he has the ability to have puzzles up to 225 pieces. Android is limited to 81 unless you pay real money for the game. I encourage everyone to email them and ask them why iPhone customers get benefits that android customers do not get.

  • moi_nicole_7

    moi_nicole_7 Many glitches This is a great game when you can get it to open, then hope it doesn't crash and delete your progress.

  • ttiymkjbl

    ttiymkjbl Perfect Fun!!! I had this Game on my other Phone, until the Phone froze up. IT was not the Game that did it! The Phone Had a MALFUNCTION. BUT THIS IS VERY GOOD QUALITY OF A GAME! I RECOMMEND IT TOO ANYONE THAT LIKES THIS KIND OF STUFF

  • nqrajtla

    nqrajtla Jigsaw Puzzle Love this App. Even with it's glitchy piece movement and sometimes slow response, it's fun. Beautiful puzzles too!

  • slcqmvhtxh

    slcqmvhtxh Tracy Good puzzle....but why the limit on piece size? Why pay to play a more difficult level....I'm use to having the option of up to 1000 or more pieces. 2nd problem is it slow. Pieces won't move! Tends to freeze. 3rd problem is if I have to stop....when I return I have to star over, it doesn't save the progress or have you resume.... After reading the other comments I realize this game isn't android friendly. To bad.... This could could be a five star game!

  • artur6000

    artur6000 Has crashed 3 times already! Just purchased and it has crashed 3 times in a hour. Purchased the no ad but ads still showing, what's up with that. Not ready for Prime Time. Superb!

  • findtoto

    findtoto Crashes Loved this game but lately I get half the puzzle done and it crashes and resets to the beginning. Very frustrating. Also ate up my storage as each puzzle was done...I had to delete all the was at 10GB Great!

  • seglawlinks

    seglawlinks Broken game The game simply doesn't work, I only find this out after paying for it. Shame as it worked great on ipad. Marvelous

  • LiaidsDah

    LiaidsDah It's mostly fantastic You have to pay to do 100pc puzzles, the automatic piece snapping can make it seem a little easy (but I understand the necessity), and the hit box for the pieces is a bit off (bottom of piece instead of center) BUT... it's definitely fun, you give free daily puzzles, and you can turn piece rotation on or off to adjust difficulty. Fewer puzzle piece option makes it great for kids. Wish I could do puzzles upside-down though. Fantastic