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Titan Inc

تجربة بانوراما الأكثر واقعية يمكنك الحصول على الهاتف الذكي! 5000+ الصور

( 70,139 )
الإصدار: 1.9.9
حجم: 29M


الألغاز بانوراما مع 5000+ الصور الحرة. ذلك هو متعة لعبة الألغاز بانوراما المعمول بها لجميع الأعمار. بانوراما الألغاز توفر ساعات من وسائل الترفيه بالنسبة لك ولعائلتك بأكملها. أنت لا تحتاج إلى شراء اللغز مرة أخرى. عليك أيضا لا تحتاج للبحث عن تلك القطع المفقودة على الأرض!

1. 4 أنواع اللغز: بانوراما منتظم، خلط ورق اللعب، مبادلة، وتناوب.
2. 9-1600 قطعة، (عدد القطع يعتمد على قرار شاشة الجهاز).
3. حفظ لSD
4. تغيير الخلفية
5. استخدام الصور الخاصة
6. المحتوى تحميل، طن من الصور الحرة. جميع مجموعات الصور هي حرة، مثل المناظر الطبيعية والحيوانات، والألوان، والمعالم والجبال والشواطئ الخ
7. استخدام الموسيقى الخاصة

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تعليقات حول Jigsaw Puzzles‏

  • drlarryb

    drlarryb Its ok! Needs to have a lot more puzzle choices!! Other than that it's fun n a stress reliever! Go well

  • macmed

    macmed Jigsaw puzzles Good variety. Plenty of free downloads to put together. You only get ads after you finish a puzzle! I love that! Nice and considerate. I can organize my pieces by separating the edges from the inside pieces. I have plenty of room! This is a plus as well! The pieces are clear and beautiful; big enough to see them - even on a cell phone. I am very happy with these puzzles! love it

  • corporater

    corporater Good fun to keep the mind alert Changing the number of pieces means you can change how often you do the same puzzle Omg


    ARLINA Best relax time This game is great. Get it!!!!!! It helps when you feel stressed out. Helps get your mind back together. Not bad

  • megpiechemicals

    megpiechemicals Titles please Excellent app but I would like a title for the puzzle especially in the countries, cars and landscapes Great!

  • ais0129a

    ais0129a Great way to do a puzzle This is the best way to do a puzzle. No need for a designated space, covering pieces to keep playful cats off, no chance of lost pieces, and they go everywhere with you. Great job

  • lynseycalver

    lynseycalver Nice The quality might not be the best but its free and you're able to use your own photos for free, so it definitely beats the rest. Marvelous

  • FranchiseInda_Brands

    FranchiseInda_Brands The best! Out of all the puzzle apps, this is the best. There was a problem downloading new puzzles after the update, but it was quickly fixed. The variety is excellent, the layout and other options are great. Good

  • brofleet

    brofleet Jigsaw puzzles Titan OK if you want to do multi player. Otherwise not a great UX. Selection of options is more difficult than most. Fantastic

  • mikehardcastle

    mikehardcastle Fun Addictive little time waster. I like the different challenge settings and the ease in moving and joining the pieces. They have lots of images to download, but I love using images from my photo gallery. 5 star

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