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*** حصريا لمستخدمي جنينيو SIM ***

JioMags هي الطريقة المثلى لتصفح وقراءة المجلات على جهازك اللوحي أو الهاتف الذكي. ومن مكتبة الافتراضية الخاصة بك مع مجموعة هائلة من المجلات عبر الفئات وفي عدة الإنجليزية languages- والهندية والإقليمية الهندي. انها مثل وجود رف الكتب الخاصة جدا معك أينما تذهب.
الحصول على منهمكين في منطقتنا محتوى عالي الجودة ومعدل القضايا تقرأ. يمكنك تخصيص مجلتكم مع الشروح والعناوين وتحميلها للحاليا القراءة. استمتع المحتوى التفاعلي داخل المجلات واستخدام النص إلى كلام إذا كنت ترغب في أن تكون القراءة. ليس هذا فقط، يمكنك مزامنة المحتوى التي تم تحميلها عبر جميع الأجهزة الخاصة بك.
تبدأ من خلال إيجاد المجلة أن piques اهتمامك. تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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تعليقات حول JioMags - Premium Magazines

  • mpkblndm

    mpkblndm Excellent App for all type of readers This one is the best for all kind of readers... thier list is long... would apreatiate if they add for more titles in education section Great job

  • bcdkczrpht

    bcdkczrpht Eating my internal memory Am a voracious reader. but its Eating my internal memory.if it can change to sd card then it would have more then 5* Brilliant

  • emceff

    emceff Add national geogrqphic magazine It would be great if you add national geographic and time mazagines to the app. It Go well

  • LaptonoImmina

    LaptonoImmina I would be called greedy if i ask more from this app. But i would I loved this rich reading experience. But it would have been even better if this app had an inbuilt dictionary or a search option to search in Google. And another suggestion jio team, if possible then add a reading mode where letters will be written on a black background and if possible then give us chance to read novel too. It would be absolutely jackpot to everyone. Loved this app. Grt work team Amazing!

  • BettyLiu19

    BettyLiu19 Jio For me jio was boon with good speed and great aap. Also it help me to get rid of huge amount taken by other players in the name of 3G/4G. Muito bom!

  • abercrombie21

    abercrombie21 Good to know this, can It be extended to educational services for example CBSC... and other Medical, engineering syllabus. Brilliant

  • mdinvestmentmanagers

    mdinvestmentmanagers My 2nd life Hey,I don't know the other way to thanking u,so I find this from my close friend.Reliance's company u guise r unbelievable specially for ur apps jiomags,jioplay,etc.due to the my college schedule I can't view my shows on time but because of ur app jioplay I have no to worry so thank u very much. And lastly but not the least ur app jiomags,I have never watch a full or even don't read it,but I used to see magazine on news channel or on entertainment channel so its because of u that now I can't dream of readin Great job

  • eimurinpiw

    eimurinpiw Download SKRILO App!!!!! Join refferal code:-( & get ₹ 50 Paytm Cash!!!!! Invite plz It's really good application you can discover new applications The app works so good so far. Haven't tried to cash out yet and guess that will be that the real test. Refer me and we both get coins to get more prizes Great app easy to use, making cash is slow but much better than other similar apps that I've tried Go well

  • wpqubrfl

    wpqubrfl App is good but Jio is Bad Jio apps are very good but what to do with bad service's of Jio network. They was promising that data speed will be stable by 01aug16 but till date it is at lowest and working like a 2g network.. it is a abuse to 4g. Shame on you guys .. Great!

  • WodoWornelf

    WodoWornelf Need following The magazine has consuming more MB for downloading, so want to store downloaded data to memory card instead of phone memory Cool

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