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جميع الحيوانات المتعة ، لأسفل على جولي المزرعة أيام!

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الإصدار: 1.0.45
حجم: 47M


هل تعرف سر السعادة؟ يفعلون على جولي يوم مزرعة! كل الحيوانات لديها متعة، كل يوم!
الخنازير أحب الطين، والأبقار مضغ cude، والدجاج قرقرة الدجاج لأنها دافئة بيضها.
حتى القط والكلب يتمكن من أن يكون أفضل من الأصدقاء.

مع مثل هذا الانسجام، يبدو المزارع في مزرعته كل يوم، ويبتسم، يبتسم، يبتسم.
مع مرور الأيام، وقال انه سوف تغير من مزارع بسيط لقطب الجبن - ولكن الود المزرعة تتغير أبدا.

• عليك الحب الحيوانات لطيف!
• هذه اللعبة يبدو أن يستمر إلى الأبد!
• سلالة دماغك مع الألغاز البلدى!
• هناك مجموعة من البدع kooky للعب مع
• يبدو أفضل من بقرة الغناء!
• العمل على طريقتك الخاصة للفوز!


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تعليقات حول Jolly Days Farm: Time Management Game

  • journeybar

    journeybar I love it! I play it all th he time! I do wish there were more levels cuz I dont wanna stop playing, I love the game. Only thing I wish u would get 10 gems for watching a video & wish there were more achievements to achieve but other than that great game!!! :D Recommend

  • kajalalex

    kajalalex What's going on Since the 27/5/16 the game loads then says your game is not responding & shuts down & keeps happening even doing it today I really like this game too & I'm missing out on my daily gifts please help !!! Not bad

  • iconsafety

    iconsafety HELP ME !! I was buy gems and i didnt get it . Already email to you .. but not reapon at all until now . Worth it!

  • Susan_nari

    Susan_nari ^_^ The game is sometimes a little bit slow, doesn't match the timer which run normally. And when I reach the goal in the injury time, it's often not counted because of the game responded very slow. But still, this is the best of similar kind of game.. Brilliant

  • tshafer

    tshafer Super But i play 63th level one monthly but i couldn't win so i am fed up plz say how to play Amazing!

  • Leseattendy

    Leseattendy I love this game but sometimes its dose not work. It is totally stop.plz solve my problem Awesome

  • Oppomakek

    Oppomakek A little fustrated I really enjoyed this game and would have given it 5 stars but im upset because when i switched phones and redownlowed the game with the same sign in info all my money and info was erased Enjoy it!

  • colorhumano

    colorhumano Love the game but want to know what the GOLD coins are used for in the game, I have alot of them. Please help me someone. Muito bom!

  • garenizr

    garenizr HELP ME !! I Play Mobile Strike until level 6 to get FREE GOLD coin 3000 . But im not got it until today .. how to settle it ?? ..... & i really enjoy the game Omg

  • mirrortechadd

    mirrortechadd Only on level 8 So far so good!! great graphics! And not a money drainer! Will be five stars once I've completed more levels and it continues as it is Worth it!

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