Juice Jam‏ for Android

Jam City, Inc.
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  • ljcool110

    ljcool110 Juice Jams Matching game with many easy and challenging levels and cute characters. Lots of fun and frustration--great. Highly Recommend.

  • Gellite_Candles

    Gellite_Candles Jammin' Game seems oriented to the very young. ITs difficult to beat the levels as you go on So it is challenging. The graphics just feel geared to a much younger age group. Enjoy it!

  • promotionexpress

    promotionexpress Great game! I really love all the opportunities to get free power ups. I also appreciate that the levels can be won eventually. I have spent some money but don't mind because it hasn't been a lot and I have been playing for well over a year. Works great

  • alix3x3

    alix3x3 Great game Very fun. It passes time. Sometimes too much time. Lol. My only 2 complaints would be the lagging during game play and why I don't always get my daily bonus prize? Not sure what's going on with that. But Please fix! Thank you Perfect!

  • john98

    john98 Wow ❤ I really love this game! Time flies when playing and the pass your friends keeps u in bragging rights mode. :) Omg

  • AiD_Business

    AiD_Business Great game Very fun. It passes time. Sometimes too much time. Lol. My only complaint would be the lagging during game play. Not sure what's going on with that. Please fix! Thank you Fantastic

  • recipe4wellness

    recipe4wellness Juice Jams Love IT MY FAVORITE GAME LVE THE Penguins and when she dances at the end TO CUTE Always makes me SMILE wow lol

  • minicopper_joe

    minicopper_joe Jammit Jammit I absolutely luv this game very addictive great to play when u r stressed or just want to unwind or great to pass time. On of the best games n my collection. Jam on ppl jam on Not bad

  • vampUnfaima


  • Niroshan

    Niroshan Loved it while it lasted Got to level 15 then it crashed on me and now it doesn't get pass the loading stage when trying to play the game again. Maf Highly Recommend.

  • meervekurt

    meervekurt Juice Jam Rocks From the super fun levels to the ultra lovable characters, Juice Jam is a blast. I love how positive the language is too. Mango is the coolest! Worth it!

  • casijewelry

    casijewelry I love this game. I was close to level 400. Got a new phone and had to start all over. OH NO Well done!!

  • OperbGorb

    OperbGorb I was at level 376 and it reset the game back to level 1 if not for that it would be a 5 wow lol

  • adminlenin23

    adminlenin23 Juice Jam is a really cool game to play if you bored don't have anything to do it's a cool game I like it it plays in your head a little bit but it's a cool game. Worth a go!

  • fulvio

    fulvio Good game but too little energy Like the title says its a good game but they try to slug money from you too much wow lol

  • etzahir

    etzahir Adorable and Addicting This game is not as monotonous as other games like it. I have thoroughly enjoyed it Cool

  • bapSpumpatolo

    bapSpumpatolo Awesome It is one of the best games ever I played it all the time thank you SGN for making awesome games like Panda Pop,Cookie Jam,and Juice Jam I play all of them and I absolutley luv them! Plz continue making more games plz! Marvelous

  • fff123

    fff123 Love it It hangs and that's not nice. Do something! And why does it take 30 whole minutes to load a life?!! Its too long.You're killing the fun. Perfect!

  • ramebinnes

    ramebinnes I can't play Everytime I try to get on the game it freezes and crashes! Me and my family love the game but it's so frustrating that we can't play! Highly Recommend.

  • lihallhr

    lihallhr It want open on my phone to be able to play half the says unfortunately juice jam has stopped.about to delete this game. Not bad