Jungle Castle Run 3 for Android

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Jungle Castle Run 3 الإصدار الأخير للأندرويد
  • vybcgtrdo

    vybcgtrdo It's not working on my new phone. I really liked this game but it is always loading. Worth it!

  • TravelMorocco

    TravelMorocco Excellent I love the game but it is completed please update the game fast I really love this game waiting for next world's....... Go well

  • afatzolxcg

    afatzolxcg Awesome ##i love it Dear developer big mistake in world 3 in lavel 5 (door closed time is only 4sec; due to the character block in the door every time )please solve this problem in next update. thax Highly Recommend.

  • krbfknur

    krbfknur I like this game I love this game. But want some clues to complete world 3 level 5.World 3 level 5 could not be complete. Give some facilities wow lol

  • reneespirit79

    reneespirit79 Jungle castle run 3 Not a 4 yet?? Love playing this game. Perhaps more worlds to add???? Please please !!! Is there a 4 already or more worlds ?? Awesome

  • nepal2trekking

    nepal2trekking I like it but there is one stage i can't get passed. Where the walls go up and down. Not enough time to get through. Perfect!

  • fawaz19

    fawaz19 Jungle castle run 3 I enjoy this game so much but now I can't play anymore cos it's frozen at ancestors continent, level 4 Brilliant

  • ruewnew

    ruewnew Love it completed all the worlds with all the jewels when are the worlds from the above pictures coming,?they look very challenging Perfect

  • drcudnw

    drcudnw I really enjoy playing this game but i have been waiting 3 monthes for an update. Marvelous

  • allie444

    allie444 Jungle castle run 3 Not a 4 yet?? Love playing this game. Perhaps more worlds to add???? Please please !!! 5 star

  • zgnzjyw0

    zgnzjyw0 Good game I loved the game.It was so challenging but fun.Keep up the good work.That is truly a 5 star game. Fabulous!

  • antivirdoczz

    antivirdoczz The game is fun but some stages don't have direction boards to guide me. But it's good overall Perfect

  • seftzlkv

    seftzlkv Hitchcock Jenny biz chk kHz co idiot cynic debug cloud hi Kelly Katie Dow goop pie do. Outside die please did you die yet. Worth a go!

  • maynardwilki719

    maynardwilki719 i already finished the smokey eyes level.. more update pls.. and more levels.. thanks. Fantastic

  • lvuitton53

    lvuitton53 I cant find a goal in ages of fire 5th round can u pls let me know where it is xactly..? Great!

  • wxbayllxtof

    wxbayllxtof Game I was wondering I really like the idea of his game actually I was looking for this type of games Pretty good

  • arronmorton816

    arronmorton816 Challenge lover Love every stage and world this game is amazin the best I downloaded it takes me back to Mario's bros and this game strongly compete with it I would love to see more updates in monster ,obstacles ,abilities and I thing just like in jungle castle run 2 the 6 sixth stage should have a boss that probably carries the last or all gems and remainin coins to fully complete the stage/world at 100% not to brag but I just finish completely the regular world's without usin any continues with all jewel and 100% coin Perfect

  • helwqgiasx

    helwqgiasx Excellent game Completed the extra worlds with all the jewels . can't wait for more worlds they are getting more challenging please hurry . Go well

  • naj0210

    naj0210 Poor I just hated it !!!! This game was not at all stunning. Not upto my expectations ¡ Fantastic

  • digiworks008

    digiworks008 Jungle castle run 3 Something is not right on level 5 underground. I just can't pass it especially at the red and blue buttons. Perfect