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الإصدار: 2.1.8
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JusWrite يلتقط الجمال من أخذ الملاحظات وتنظيم المهام كما في "المفكرة". كتابة المهام وتصنيفها ، تعيين الأولوية ، علامة ' ؛ أكملت', تعيين تذكير وأكثر من ذلك بكثير... كل ذلك باستخدام القلم أو القلم الرقمي على الهاتف الذكي الخاص بك أو الكمبيوتر اللوحي.لا نوع. JusWrite.★ ميزات ★ ★ ✔ تدوين الملاحظات سريع و easyWith عدد قليل من النقرات ، كتابة المهام وإدارة كل منهم. ✔ تصنيف وترتيب الأولويات ووضع علامة ' ؛ أكملت'إدارة الملاحظات كما في "المفكرة". وتصنيفها تحت رؤوس مفيدة. تعيين أولوية المهام عن طريق سحب الملاحظات لأعلى أو لأسفل. تضرب بها عند الانتهاء.✔ الذكية تذكير سريع مع updateSticky الملاحظات عصا لا أكثر على الجدار. القفز الحق في الخروج من الجهاز الخاص بك لتذكيرك!✔ وضع التقويم أذكى planningSwitch جهد بين الملاحظات والتقويم. تنظيم الحق فقط :)✔ مشاركة أو EmailEmail الملاحظات الخاصة بك أو مشاركتها على شبكة الإنترنت✔ الأكبر إرفاق الملاحظات emailSo, القائمة طويلة و يجب أن البريد الإلكتروني كل منهم ؟ لا توجد مشكلة. الأكبر نعلق على الانقاذ!✔ الاتفاق modeCompact وضع المجلدات و الملاحظات يظهر أكثر على الشاشة لمحة.✔ المواضيع لتناسب مختلف stylesSharp ، رقيق أو متعة ؟ تعيين موضوع لتتناسب مع كل نزوة.للحصول على الدعم ، استفسارات أو اقتراحات ، مراسلتنا على: [email protected] ضبطها إلى الميزات الجديدة والتحديثات النشرات. تابعونا على: © إيفرنوت CorporationJusWrite © Plackal. براءات الاختراع في انتظار تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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تعليقات حول JusWrite Stylus Task Organizer

  • faqingames

    faqingames Fully mobile! Perfect easy app. Easy to use and quick, mostly if my memory too slow, and if I forget everithing within few sec. Many thanks for it. That's what I need! Brilliant

  • inciongvwp

    inciongvwp Basic but expected via "for sale" I was really hoping for this app to be that "One app that I've always water for notes" app... I applaud the thought the creativity nd I give respect points to the creators, because from a sellers "pov" you've maid what everyone wanted but still hadn't made themselves and created it. Its simple, basic, and easy, but most of all it's the firestarter to another world of enhancements towards everyday beings. GOOD JOB!!! Basic+complete=

  • mingomaloni

    mingomaloni What I was looking for I'm a huge fan of using stylus on Samsung note. I've been looking for app for to do list that allow me to write. This is just perfect. I can write. Yet still have all the timing and organizing capabilities of a to do list. Just perfect!

  • shogeorie

    shogeorie Sad News. Just learnt that it is no longer being updated and is also up for sale. So sad as it is a first class app. Now I have to look for another in the future as this gets dated. Thanks to the developers, I appreciate the work you have put into this.

  • briannabradford55

    briannabradford55 Wow Been using from 15 days and I gotta tell you this is best s pen note taking app available on play store. The UI, themes and it's presentation , I am loving every bit of it. Thank you developer. Edit: I wish there was an option to sync the notes online. Also sometime I need to edit the notes, please add in next update.

  • cheapwowgoldkud

    cheapwowgoldkud Loving it, but Great app for pen lovers. But, please make the alarm set easier to use. It is hard to slide it to a precise time.

  • learn12eng

    learn12eng Fantastic app. Just missing a cloud sync feature While Plackal Tech are bearing in mind a cloud sync feature, I think I'll move to Google Keep + Sketch for Keep. Does a similar thing but will sync across my devices. Works perfectly

  • dozie4favour

    dozie4favour Very Good A proper hand writing diary. Been looking for one of these for a while. The notes part is excellent and the calendar works well although the functions are basic. It doesn't integrate with other apps but works very well as a stand alone. Fantastic

  • BuyCialisOnlineRX

    BuyCialisOnlineRX One of a kind! Brilliant concept. But more features desired. If you can make the handwriting searchable, this app will be the coolest. Without that it gets difficult to find the right task when number of items go up. Good

  • AvoinnaKany

    AvoinnaKany I'll love it, need some upgrading Need something like widget, whenever I'm going to use my stylus pen I'll just write on it and save, without opening the full app. I'd been looking this kind of app. Hope you can do it. Marvelous

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