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Kakao Corporation

Kakaobus \ u064a \ u0648 \ u0641 \ u0631 \ u0644 \ u0643 \ u0645 \ u0639 \ u0644 \ u0648 \ u0645 \ u0627 \ u062a \ u0641 \ u064a \ u0627 \ u0644 \ u0648 \ u0642 \ u062a \ u0627 \ u0644 \ u062d \ u0642 \ u064a \ u0642 \ u064a \ u0645 \ u0646 57 \ u0645 \

( 48,330 )
حجم: 28.7 MB


Kakaobus يوفر لك الوقت الحقيقي معلومات عن الحافلات ومحطة للحافلات في 57 مدن الكورية.

* في الوقت الحقيقي وصول المعلومات للحافلات
* المعلومات مسار الحافلة في الوقت الحقيقي مع موقع الحافلة
* المغادرة إنذار
   إعداد إنذار مغادرة لتلقي الإخطارات خمس دقائق، ثلاث دقائق أو دقيقة واحدة قبل وصول الحافلة في التوقف الخاصة بك.
* وصول إنذار
   ضبط منبه للتأكد من النزول في المحطة الصحيح.
* حافلات وصول الإخطار
   يمكنك الحصول على إخطارات للحافلات في يوم معين ووقت دون الحاجة إلى مجموعة منهم يدويا في كل مرة.
* اقتراحات تستند إلى موقعك الحالي: توقف القريبة، الحافلات ليلة قريبة، حافلة مباشرة إلى الصفحة الرئيسية Kakao تاكسي

استمرار استخدام نظام تحديد المواقع التي تعمل في الخلفية يمكن أن تقلل بشكل كبير من عمر البطارية.

* مركز خدمة العملاء
- البريد: [email protected]
- هاتف: 1577-3321

  • KakaoBus‏ APK می توانید دسترسی به مخاطبین خود را
  • KakaoBus‏ APK contains Facebook sdk - Facebook: This open source Java library allows you to integrate Facebook into your Android application.

تعليقات حول KakaoBus‏

  • tbaldanza

    tbaldanza 대구 되어서 완전 좋아요♡ 완전 ㅠㅠ 서울서 쓰다가 대구안되는줄알구 슬펐는데 대구도 되어서 정말 좋아요♡♡

  • hainke

    hainke Updated Map function So they were nice to respond to my complaint. Also they said the next update will have the changes. Hopefully it will happen. Worth it!

  • burn0001

    burn0001 need english can we get an english version for the tourist who visit and need to get around the city. five stars for english Not bad

  • saud77

    saud77 짜증나게 오정보 겁나 많네요 9300번 인천방향 교대역 정류장 거기아니잖아요!!! 오정보 수정 바랍니다.

  • Fawsslips

    Fawsslips Pro more convenient, but hate subscription method Bought the Pro. Only worth the upgrade if you want convenience of widgets. Was disappointed that pro has an automatically renewing subscription that never stops unless you make it stop in google wallet. Hate that. Actual price is higher than app store shows. Also does not show maeul buses. Why not? Enjoy it!

  • wrbhajffh

    wrbhajffh Great to know when bus is coming Great to know when to expect your next bus. I've used this this app lots and it's quite reliable. The sync function for when you get a new device is handy! This app doesn't help you find a route, it just tells you when to expect your bus. The worst aspect is that if you get a bus from the start or near the start of the route, information is only displayed once the bus has started its journey. Also 마을 busses in Gyeonggi-do aren't included.

  • michellebrandcomm

    michellebrandcomm horrible times are always wrong. I just missed my bus that says I have 4 more minutes. (1127). wow lol

  • mermaids_rock

    mermaids_rock 개선 요청 사항 포스코빌라 07-354 성남시: 15번 버스 1대 오구요. 항상 오기 직전 밖에 정확한 정보가 안 뜹니다. 언제나 2 stops away로 되어 있다가, 오기직전에 3 stops away 로 바뀌고 순식간에 지나가요. 시작점에서 출발을 안했으면 뭔가 다른 표시가 있던가해야할거같습니다

  • tre329

    tre329 Making me log in to access widgets You make users log in to access some widgets! What crap. I can access all the same info and more using Daum maps... Well done!!

  • 2Dezire

    2Dezire Great and Necessary! Pro Version with the inclusion of widgets and notifications is exactly what I wanted. The English UI is easy to use. Need to be able to read Hangul to know the bus stops, but you've got bigger problems if you're living in Korea and can't read Hangul. A great app that I use daily.

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