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السحري العالم خربش، 24 فرش، ووضع الرسوم المتحركة الفيديو

( 418,504 )
حجم: 7.4 MB


أطفال خربش، أفضل لعبة الرسم للأطفال! وأكثر من 24 أنواع من الفرش سحرية وجميلة للأطفال لرسم، مثل توهج، النيون، والألعاب النارية، القلم للتلوين وغيرها ويقدم أبسط خربش العالم لكل طفل لتحرير خيالهم. ردوم تباين الألوان جعل كل السكتة الدماغية اللوحة كاملة من مفاجأة سارة. واحد مكافأة ميزة يتوهم أن الأطفال يمكن تشغيل عملية الرسم كقصاصة الكرتون الفيديو. وبالإضافة إلى ذلك، يمكن للطفل خربش على الصور يحبونه. معرض المدمج في أن تظهر جميع الرسم للطفل كفنان.

* 24 فرش سحرية وجميلة، مثل توهج، النيون، والألعاب النارية، القلم للتلوين، قوس قزح، رذاذ، وشاح.
* خربش على قماش أو صورة
* لون عشوائي الاختلاف يجعل اللوحة الكاملة من مفاجأة متعة
* تشغيل الرسم كما مقطع الكرتون الفيديو.
* المدمج في معرض فني لإظهار اللوحة الاطفال كفنان؟v=rObLR7_Bjec

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  • Ax3soft

    Ax3soft Loved it so much still havnt dalletied it yet McConnell's first helped liloandstitch to late bedbugs sale of the piblix and fan Konnie flappy you're thought taylor author of the piblix person order for the Isuzu and griers chemical engineering Good

  • zohaib

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  • fivedestiny

    fivedestiny Just fun and creative. Love it but, You dont get to choose what kinda color you want. I looked around for settings. I mean, I had this app when O had my phone. Now, I have a tablet. It would work good now, but, pls, make us choose the colors. I had this when Im 9 last, last year (2013) I loved it. Its just the colors Perfect!

  • sisbarroauto

    sisbarroauto Kids doodle rating 4.5 This is a great app. It's fun to use and it works well. The only thing I would suggest to improve is what others have said: you can't choose the color you want to use. If you add the option to choose the color you draw with, I'll give you a five ★ rating. Well done!!

  • stockroomdirect

    stockroomdirect Good App My two year old likes this app. Just wish everytime you want to color a new page it didn't ask you if you wanted to save current drawing. Gets a little old when I have to constantly hit the "do not save" button for my daughter. Muito bom!

  • merlinkirkla1025

    merlinkirkla1025 5 star game: well done Kidsdoodle This app is great as it lets your imagination run wild. But I don't understand 'kids' doodle; my mum and dad both have it on their phones. Marvelous

  • Williamisdhv

    Williamisdhv Cool I really like this application it was fun and entertaining this is great for people of all ages from 7 to 70 I really enjoyed this, I recamend this for anyone!! But the thing is the dumb pop up adds they get on my last nerve, please fix and you'll get five stars. Works great

  • signalknight22

    signalknight22 Fabulous... Never ceases to entertain Always a winner with all my kids, never ceases to amaze me what they come up with! Excellent. Ads don't bother my kids.. They just have learnt faster how to them then off, even the 3yr old! Not bad

  • demonzombie2010

    demonzombie2010 Loving colors These are very beautiful colors and easy to draw in the screen. We can make several things from these colors. I don't understand what I want to describe about this because it is very wonderful game. My sister and all my family enjoy this coloring too much , love it. Omg

  • Jeoriedar

    Jeoriedar My 15mth old baby girl loves this. Can now let her play with my phone. The only downside to it is the pop up adds. She clicks on it a lot so then i have to keep taking the phone off her to correct it. Wud even pay for this if you got rid of that. 5 star

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