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Rainbow Train

\u0026quot;klocki\u0026quot; هو لغز لعبة الاسترخاء.

( 642 )
الإصدار: 1.07
حجم: 33M


"klocki" هو إصداري الثاني من ألعاب الألغاز بعد إصداري الناجح "Hook".

إنها لعبة تساعد على الاسترخاء، وتنطوي على كثير من المميزات المختلفة.

عليك إيصال مختلف أنواع الخطوط ببعضها البعض، في ظل مقطوعات موسيقية وأصوات تساعد على الاسترخاء من عزف Wojciech Wasiak.

شكرًا على اختيارك لتطبيقي ودعمك لي!

Maciej Targoni

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تعليقات حول klocki

  • Johnny_GD

    Johnny_GD Amazing game I've never seen anything like this. It's an really unique puzzle game. The only downside is that it's pretty short. Enjoy it!

  • E5t6drtD

    E5t6drtD Great little game Challenging but not unfair puzzles; a bit on the short side but it's still worth much more than its price. Awesome. Must have

  • ais41101b

    ais41101b Great "A-ha" moments Easy to pick up, but kept me thinking. Would love to see more levels. A move counter would add more replay value and would let me improve my efficiency on subsequent attempts. Fantastic

  • Wessen

    Wessen Worth every penny! Loved it! I do wish I could move a piece multiple spaces per touch, instead of touch, grab, release for every single space moved. Also there are some weird tiles on some of the levels with blink when it completes in an annoying way. Other than that, perfect! Cool

  • swzahn

    swzahn Great minimal puzzle game Lots of interesting mechanics, and presented well. We can complain about how short it is, but it's ONE DOLLAR. Absolutely worth the cost, and I look forward to their next game. Fabulous!

  • Tincencub

    Tincencub A masterpiece You couldn't find anything better for a buck, it's definitly worth that and more, relaxing and fun, good job :) Perfect!

  • lesliespinks64

    lesliespinks64 It's awesome but over too soon I got this game after playing Hook - also by Rainbow Train. Have to say I preferred Hook but can't really put my finger on why. Klocki is another piece of inspired game creation. Like Hook, I think it needs extra levels to last longer. I also missed the relaxing soundtrack that Hook has. Overall, thoroughly worth your small investment of money & time. Muito bom!

  • traveldiamonds

    traveldiamonds Amazing I keep thinking that it can't get better, and then you throw in another game mechanic. This is by far one of the best puzzle games on the mobile market! Definitely worth the money. I hope it gets some more levels. Works perfectly

  • allcheck44

    allcheck44 Fun game but short as others have mentioned. Later puzzles combining multiple mechanics and fixed tiles are often easier than early ones. The combined mechanics limit the number of permutations. Omg

  • LaunchThatWeb

    LaunchThatWeb Too short. A really fun and innovative puzzle game. No ratings system or timers. No instructions, just introductions to each new concept to figure out. I would give 5 stars if it was longer or there was some sort of level generator after you finished the levels. I played this casually over 3 days on lunch breaks and was sad when it started the levels over again love it

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