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الأسطوري القتال ممر لعبة هو العودة!

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الكونغ فو القتال، مجانا الكلاسيكية ألعاب القتال ألعاب للأطفال، ولنتذكر ذكريات طفولتك من لعبة الورق! سجلت في تاريخ اللعبة الكلاسيكية الممر، مقارنة مع ألعاب القتال الأخرى، وقد تم تصميم الكونغ فو لعبة القتال أن يكون لعبت مع أكثر سهولة.

Kung Fu Fighting , The legendary fighting franchise returns with new game plot! Free classic Fighting arcade games to enjoy with android device Now!
In Kung Fu Fighting Game, player's character Lee is a martial artist that practices his family's Kung Fu fighting style. He enter the City to rescue him sister, Lily. In their fights, Lee learn that the Lily became the target from the criminal gangs, and decide to face him. Lee is very serious about fighting and loyal to his family. He has been given discipline through his Kung Fu training by his father . He earned the nickname, “The Grandmaster of Kung Fu” due to his remarkable use of his Kung Fu fighting style. He uses the Kung Fu to fight with criminal gangs Boss.
Kung Fu Fighting Game can recall your childhood memories of arcade game ! Recorded in the history of the classic arcade game, Compared with other fighting games,Kung Fu Fighting has been designed to be played with more easily .

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  • trishna

    trishna ليقبلكم محرم ررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررر ووووو. ووووووووووووووووووووووووو حلوة

  • sundec

    sundec تستاهل اكثر من خمس نجوم تستاهل١٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠

  • gregtht

    gregtht روعه روعه روعه روعه روعه روعه روعه روعه روعه روعه روعه روعه روعه روعه روعه روعه روعه روعه روعه روعه روعه روعه روعه روعه

  • ona428

    ona428 ان لعب جيد جدا ولي بقول مش حلوة ينتحر ويكتب على قبره منهر

  • markcarlyle

    markcarlyle انا من كنت بزر كنت العبه في ابلستيشن2 ايام زمان ويلي هسه العبه روعة

  • hotncr

    hotncr Kung fu? It is an worst game that i dont like it it graphics are not so good so make this game with good graphics in 2 part Flawless

  • fevybis

    fevybis This is kung fu ness This is really really good at least you have a great day and night but I think it's just that you can do it again soon to be the first place in a great time Worth it!

  • giyvaruulp

    giyvaruulp ****Its ok. We can do punch, kick and some power Please improve sprites quality, put good moves like high moonkick, roundhouse Kung Fu etc make it more attractive and if u want money then best way is to put in app purchases instead of ads. Thanks ***** love it

  • wniohl

    wniohl !!!!!!!!Good graphics on the game and it's challenging at the same time. I like how the game increase the hardness of the game after some time. I hope there's more topping to come in the future !@$@$@ Just wow

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