Layout from Instagram: Collage‏ for Android

التعديل صورك إلى تخطيطات بارد أو الفن التصويري ومشاركتها مع الأصدقاء.
  • lindahauck18

    lindahauck18 Easy to use More features to edit individual pics (like ig) would be nice so you don't have to go back and forth between apps, before laying out. All of ig and layout in one would be ideal. I have an app that's like that, but not as easy. Like how easy layout is to use! Flawless

  • cybercucina

    cybercucina More options Would be great if there would be additional features like frames and stickers and more college options like a photo and video montage, and settings to fit a whole photo in one frame wow lol

  • N8Miracle

    N8Miracle Very easy to use + handy when you love taking 100s of photos like me! Often gets stuck when I want to choose a filter... Just wow

  • lifeandstyleforless

    lifeandstyleforless Really useful Its super simple and is really easy to use. I have a multi ship account called @heavy._.breathing._.giraffe (shameless self promo) and this makes it so easy to make the pictures for it. Muito bom!

  • yisgsyfshb

    yisgsyfshb Its great, but... Its great, but you cant rotate your photos. Another problem is, when I try to drag my photo in place, the photo gets flicked to far from the spot i want it. Just wow

  • FredJohnson

    FredJohnson Easy Nice & easy to use. I've had several collage apps & always delete them. Every time I change my phone, I have to download this app. Worth it!

  • faubbette

    faubbette Not sure why it has to be a separate app But okay, downloaded it and use it for my collaging needs. You can flip and mirror but not rotate which is a bit annoying. Also no brightness controls so I end up using my phone's native editor to do what the app can't. Should be an all in one. However I have just tried some others and I find this one easier to use. Not as feature rich but I don't really need text, stickers and backgrounds. Enjoy it!

  • maysdmontg12

    maysdmontg12 R T Ahmad Layout is really good. I enjoy multiple choice of photos and I can choose it's layout. Is what is says! Works great

  • mkoiwtm

    mkoiwtm Helpful It's one of the most helpful photo apps I have ever used. I'm always used to using a website to make my photo college but after downloading Layout it became my thing to use to get any form of photo college. Fantastic

  • daveidaho

    daveidaho Great app! Easy to use, lots of layout options. Makes creating collages super fast and easy. I highly recommend this app if you're looking for a simple collage/layout app. Nothing too fancy but gets the job done well. Surprisingly

  • bloomingbuddies

    bloomingbuddies Simple and effective Perfect for simple collages with out large annoying water marks. Down side: nothing fancy like text back ground ect. Great job

  • jyaymt

    jyaymt Great collage app! No ads, which is bloody hard to find these days. Love being able to put together a collection of photos from outings etc before I post to social media. Only complaints are a) that you still have to edit each photo separately before you put them together using Layout - it would be nice to be able to do that within the app, and b) that it's difficult to get photos the right size for some of the layouts. Pretty good

  • bgirmfjm

    bgirmfjm Freaking awesome Easy to use, no problems at all, i havent even came across any pop up ads either. Its great. I love it and therea a bunch of different layouts to chose from Fabulous!

  • vpizhtnp

    vpizhtnp I find it stupid The app it self is good but the fact that you have to get it and can't just click it in instagram is stupidity at max.... just takes up space love it

  • shaycohen

    shaycohen Difficult to find photo in gallery I don't understand how app sorts a photo. I want to choose last one, but they are deep in folder. Very hard to find Awesome

  • nspec74

    nspec74 I love the app I really like layout you can put together so much photos and it will just look amazing! It is the best collage app I've ever used. Marvelous

  • localbusi

    localbusi 3/5 Like it but needs to improve It's a nice app and all but there is so LITTLE SPACE TO WORK WITH. It cuts off so much of the photos whether in horizontal or vertical positions. Nevermind using any form of text (it WILL be cut off). You can't control how zoomed in or out the photo is, so you can't maneuver the cut-offs at all. Omg

  • xwejqxaobu

    xwejqxaobu AmaZing This app is amazing. It allows you to do many things to your photos. And you can lay it out however you would like Perfect

  • E2media

    E2media From antisocial to social thanks instagram. If you social network and love your photos as much as I do you will absolutely positively need this out and be telling all your friends and family about it. Pretty good

  • moncoinsante

    moncoinsante Great effects I don't really use the effects all to often when I upload a picture to Instagram but if I ever do this app has me covered Superb!