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★أبطال يوحدون قواهم\u003cbr\u003e★أبطال يوحدون قواهم\u003cbr\u003e★أفضل تجربة مرئية\u003cbr\u003e★تحكم بسيط و سلس

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Dreamsky Games: Just be Happy!

أكثر ألعاب الأكشن إثارة لهذه السنة - League of Stickman! أفضل ميزات قتال بين الألعاب المماثلة! اسحق العدو! اهزمهم جميعاً! هذه هي اللعبة التي لا ينبغي أن تفوتها - League of Stickman!


[أفضل لعبة أكشن لهذه السنة]
أكثر لعبة انتظرها اللاعبون في عام 2016. عِش حس الإثارة مع الحركات الرهيبة كالضربات المزدوجة و السباحة في الهواء و ضربات الكومبو القاتلة! تعال و اذبح الوحوش في معارك حامية!

[أبطال يوحدون قواهم]
و الآن يمكنك للمزيد من الأبطال الانضمام إلى فريقك! تعاون مع الآخرين لقتل الرئيس ملك الوحوش! اختر فريقك الآن و انطلق إلى القتال!

[أفضل تجربة مرئية]
رسومات عالية الجودة! تأثيرات خاصة مذهلة! تقدم لك League of Stickman أفضل تجربة لعب!

[تحكم بسيط و سلس]
تنقل بين أبطالك بحرية و أتقن أربع مهارات مختلفة. ستخوض أفضل تجربة قتالية في حياتك!

[قائمة متصدرين عالمية]
نقدم لك عدة قوائم متصدرين على مستوى العالم و الدولة و الأصدقاء. يمكن لفريقك التنافس مع اللاعبين في جميع أنحاء العالم. تغلب على الجميع و كل أفضل بطل

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تعليقات حول League of Stickman: Warriors

  • Javaid

    Javaid I cant stop playing it This is so good... and i'm cheering for those who created it... please.... makers of this game... can i have one request... i dont have the hero VULCAN in my league of stickman... can you show me how can i get him?... Good

  • raj_animator967452

    raj_animator967452 Where he go? I downloaded the game again and restored my save data. Everything was fine but I was missing a character Vulcan. Where did he go and is it possible for me to get him back? Omg

  • beasteSushect

    beasteSushect annoying bug the last mode endless sth playing samurai when I try to avoid swing from the boss - killing blow -the screen flashes then go dark and the game crash... every single time...have enough of it! fix it fast please... Perfect!

  • WebFox

    WebFox Love it I hope youll make a daily reward Enjoy it!

  • ahbshrix

    ahbshrix Started out fun. It is a fun(addicting) game. But after a while it gets boring replaying the same levels over and over just to get coins and equipment because paid items are WAAAY too expensive. Also the game freezes quite often. Not sure if it's just my phone tho(GalaxyS5). I really do enjoy it. But it does get a bit boring. Highly Recommend.

  • merr_iam

    merr_iam Very nice game It's really charming but we need more stages and levels and less expensive upgrades and it will be the best ever Enjoy it!

  • Nartymn

    Nartymn Superb Game, plays very well on my note 3. Would love to be able to play it on the big screen via shield tv is there any plans to make it compatiable? Keep up the good work devs Brilliant

  • kathrynbax

    kathrynbax Loved this game ! I really loved this game and bought lots of characters. I lost my phone and I'm now using my parents :P . I see all the epic changes updates and champs. But the first time it was released there was no option to save or use Google play to load. I was very upset when I saw this. Overall, gg. Marvelous

  • AcumenCCTV

    AcumenCCTV How do I recover my data? I love this game and i just bought the full version, but how do I recover my data from the free version??? Great job

  • sotroussy

    sotroussy Dailies Can't complete a Daily Mission that says "Clear Stage 4 of Elite Dungeon CH. 2". I've done it multiple times and haven't gotten my reward. I've gotten rewarded for all the other ones, though. Fix it. Superb!

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