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الإصدار: 3.0.60
حجم: 79 MB


كل حرب لها أبطالها ...
بعض الأبطال تصبح أساطير.

لقد بدأت أعظم معركة في كل العصور.
يتم دعوة أبطال من جميع الأكوان لإظهار قوتهم وإثبات ما هو أفضل فريق.

قناة يوتيوب:

موبا ، استراتيجية العمل في الوقت الحقيقي
لأول مرة على نظام Android ، استمتع بتجربة لعبة Action Real-Time Strategy (Action RTS).
إذا كنت تستمتع بألعاب موبا ، فستحب الأبطال الأسطوريين!

إجراءات مكثفة وضوابط اللمس
مباريات سريعة ومكثفة مع أدوات تحكم باللمس مصممة خصيصًا لتجربة Android MOBA.

الأبطال مع الصلاحيات الخاصة الفريدة
4 قدرات خاصة فريدة لكل حرف.

الحفاظ على التقدم عبر المباريات
حافظ على تقدم التسوية لكل بطل عبر المباريات وقم بتطوير أكبر عدد تريده.

ساعات اللعب في لعبة الحملة
40 خريطة توفر تحديات موبا فريدة لجميع اللاعبين - مبتدئين أو قدامى المحاربين.

العب مجانا!

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تعليقات حول Legendary Heroes MOBA Offline‏

  • choirmTom

    choirmTom Thanks an offline gaming with a good graphics.. Hope u guys update for more additional heroes. Keep it up. Works great

  • umjaajevgy

    umjaajevgy Look game Ok I love this game because it's similar to SMITE so if this game also have an online part to it then it could be more fun thaaaaannnnkkkksssss Worth it!

  • noveltygifts

    noveltygifts Boring I've had better. The ai heroes that we don't control are really stupid & it isn't challenging. I recommend better update where ai use skills more effectively. Bugs: hero gets teleported to home when selecting it. & the target system is very unstable. I recommend an update where we can target heroes easier. Allow us to zoom out more as we cannot use the full potential our of skills because of the zoom in. Highly Recommend.

  • BaitteeBire

    BaitteeBire NEED SOME LEVELS Hi developers,I have one question for you,if i finish the Level 40 what will i do next.Is that it i finish the game and uninstall it.Plss make a new level like level 100 or something and add also Endless Mode...THANKS... Worth a go!

  • aneesoft

    aneesoft loved it plz put multiplayer both local or offline and online. i like the game plzz make it not so expensive and the life bars must be like lol .thank you needs further improvements and add more heroes Perfect

  • imtiaz2594

    imtiaz2594 Here's the prob after playing for an extended length of time the game shuts down for some unknown reason! That is the only thing that sucks about it. Other wise it is a cool game. Cool

  • harison17

    harison17 Boring I've had better. The ai heroes that we don't control are really stupid & it isn't challenging. I recommend better update where ai use skills more effectively. Fabulous!

  • nairedat

    nairedat Liked it Can you make the field WIDER!!!! and also can you Plss!!!Add more maps because i like this game very much this like a DOTA STYLE and Plss!!!Add a new Field.I rate5 stars if you add these...PLSS REPLY...THANKS... Recommend

  • CRHastings1

    CRHastings1 Great graphics!! Its perfect. I think online in PvP but offline in single player or campaign that update is awsome.lower all champs price. Surprisingly

  • eswensalmiiceczbxq

    eswensalmiiceczbxq Super small text bug. Comparing to the your google play trailer the text is super small when I play. So small that's its a pain to read. Please increase the text size through an update. Omg

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