Link2SD‏ for Android

Bulent Akpinar
إدارة التطبيق كاملة، والانتقال إلى SD، ذاكرة التخزين المؤقت واضحة، وإزالة من bloatware وأكثر من ذلك
  • cscraven

    cscraven Galaxy Ace2 There is a bug when I convert a user app to system app and I try to convert it back and its always showing an error(i forgot what is written but I'm sure it failed to convert it back)

  • mixedblessingcards

    mixedblessingcards Exactly what you need! It's unbelievably good. Eliminates the need to get a new phone due to low internal storage.

  • Jinaflagg

    Jinaflagg The Best of every rooted phone! Without Link2SD, my phone is useless! The best app that every rooted user should have. It not only links apps to SD card but has the power to uninstall system apps.. Recommend to install Link2SD APK.

  • happyhour

    happyhour Great Application! Till now, no problem observed, working great, I have saved a lot of space in my internal memory and now I can install many more applications in my HTC explorer. Great work.... Recommend to install Link2SD APK.

  • spinone1

    spinone1 #file-manager Excellent application! For the 1st tym i am writing any comment for any application & that is for this superb application. Very gud app for low storage memory phones like my htc wildfire s.

  • tholomew

    tholomew #moving-files Great, but latest version buggy! Worked fantastically for me until the last update. Quite a lifesaver for those of us who are app junkies! Unfortunately, now the second partition is getting mounted read-only for some reason. I re-mount it read-write manually (being the Unix geek I am), but it will sometimes go back to read-only at seemingly random times. Device is SGS2 running rooted stock Gingerbread 2.3.6. Second partition is FAT32.

  • kenlili

    kenlili #transferring-files Use to freeze apps! Works flawlessly to freeze apps, works better than most dedicated freezing apps. UI is very clean and intuitive.

  • Nouvellen

    Nouvellen Great, could be better! I own an xperia play, link2sd works perfectly.. However, I also have an Xperia Tablet S, and although I have root and mount scripts are created first time, when im linking apps the tablet randomly reboots and then the apps go missing and I have to redownload them

  • CoramDeo

    CoramDeo Thanks so much! This app is a blessing for phones needing extra storage. Bravo. One thing, mount warnings still happens with my LG e400 with cm9. Quick reboot remedies it but hoping for a fix.

  • CameroonScam

    CameroonScam Ace! Best app till now in market .. biggest difficulty I had faced with my Samsung ace is inbuilt memory limitation. After installing linktosd now I can install n number of apps without worrying about memory usage. Recommend to get Link2SD APK.

  • swrecruiter

    swrecruiter #file-explorer Rocks!! the idea behind it and the app itself is so perfect that i rarely saw apps like this one. extended the life of my phone because i was about to change it because of its poor internal memory and other app2sd apps simply does not work. only this one really moves the app with all the contents and empties the internal memoru really, not for virtually. hail for the developer, helal olsun Bulent Akpinarrr! :)

  • NormaJean

    NormaJean Lifesaver! Works great on phone with low storage like HTC WIldfire S. Before this app I had to think about every app that i installed and apps above 15 MB were out of question. But now everything works like a charm.