Link2SD‏ for Android

Bulent Akpinar
إدارة التطبيق كاملة، والانتقال إلى SD، ذاكرة التخزين المؤقت واضحة، وإزالة من bloatware وأكثر من ذلك
  • qonkmtfw

    qonkmtfw So many idiots writing reviews about this app, your all posting issues based on your incompetence and the many shortfalls of individual phone settings and compatibilities. If you do your homework and are prepared to trial and error your way to a solution that works for your device, it is 100% worth it. The issue isn't with the app, it's user error. Omg

  • Wamsfaiff

    Wamsfaiff Work perfectly! My first time on a non-emulated android Os, and I've been angry that my SD card is useless… I searched a lot… and after 6hours I can save my app's on my 2dn partition created with Porteus LXQt for info, and GParted, perfect, I think to buy the pro version, but at the moment I have a little issue, because I can't install an app, there's not enough space (I have 1Go on the internal storage), Google+ can't update, clock can't update… but I installed Dead Trigger 2 without any issue o_O". Hope to find a way to make all the data going to my SD card, at last the Fat32 partition… anyway nice work, just need to know what you are doing, that you need linux or a way to make partitions on SD cards, you need the debug mode enabled, and need to have a rooted device, lots of variables for common users…. love it

  • kwffvm

    kwffvm The Plus version worked OK for some time then it turned itself to non-plus version and asked me to purchase to upgrade to Plus (I paid already!!!). All links I created were lost, my ext4 extension was not found and I lost all data. That was terrible! Can't trust this Link2SD app. Not bad

  • yhnhhaxz

    yhnhhaxz i was using its paid ver, but when upgraded to MM it is not working, error message is: Mount script error Mount script cannot be created mount: no such file or directory please help. Recommend

  • sjlywney

    sjlywney Could it consider internal sdcard? The game TWAU, has 700mb on internal sd card. I need to move that fileS to external sd card, but your app only shows it has 30mb... Fantastic

  • MixGoodeden

    MixGoodeden Perfect, 100% reliable app Remaps anything without any issues. The only thing I don't like - it may eat 50MB+ of RAM, when just doing nothing in the background. (Android 4.1; sd card formating with A-parted) Fantastic

  • xsophieeeee

    xsophieeeee Thanks my hero. I just follow all instruction, and succesful. Too many of us confuse why this application doesnt work for them, it might be because they not format their SD CARD into 2 partition, I guess. I just bought Link2SD Plus (license) just to support your effort. And i give you 5 star. Now my backup phone, lenovo a316 can operate very smoothly with many application installed on it. Last but not least. thank you so much! Recommend

  • trendtogo

    trendtogo Very powerful tool does what it says but you may need root access as I was prompted to allow or deny root access. I am using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Go well

  • jasmine_zavalala

    jasmine_zavalala I have been using this application for about 10 months. First, regardless of what other people say, it not only works, it is excellent! Second, it is not easy. Third, it is only (so far as I can tell) useful for those who have very little memory on their (probably older) phone. I have a Pantech Burst with only 1 Gb of memory available for my apps. I've got just about every one I ever wanted there. Fourth, and most important, it takes time, experimentation, care (caution!), and a lot of checking with web info. In particular, find the file "LINK2SD FAQ". It's slow reading and hard to absorb (for me, at least), but it's a good guide to follow. Be careful: here are a lot of imprecise or obtuse instructions to be found. Also, it's best if you can do system backups, just in case. Amazing!

  • crystalmariemoon

    crystalmariemoon Life saver My device only had 2 gigs of storage but I put a 32 gigabyte SD card in it. I can only transfer some of the apps I had to the SD card but with this I can transfer all the apps that I have downloaded so I have more room to install more apps. If your phone is rooted them you'll love this. I looked up a tutorial on how to set up and partition my SD card the right way and I have it automatically set to transfer all the apps that I download. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! Worth it!

  • cheapestwowgoldkhh

    cheapestwowgoldkhh Obb edit: Great app! When I try to move the obb it says "invalid link2sd package" and when i move everything else it says -directory /data/sdext2/" file name is too long, not gonna type it here" :no such filename or directory Edit: Love this app, everything works and I've got lots of storage now. Fixed the first issue by purchasing the app instead of cracking it Works great

  • DanielleRaegans

    DanielleRaegans Working fine. This app is very useful but the application sometimes cannot identify the real data. Like the REAL RACING it has a 3GB data but in link2SD it is not showing so I can't link the very large data of the game. Also it is the same situation with NFS most wanted... i hope there would be fix for this... Awesome

  • trerfique

    trerfique Nice one :) Lol, its working to my phone doing well. You guys need to know how to do it properly.. You guys haven't enough knowledge for this app and that makes you like noob. Muito bom!

  • peSadvacezela

    peSadvacezela good but a problem happened I tried to force you tube to move it but it crashes so I removed it & installed it again and worked just fine but nothing is moved even the files audios and apps that was normally moved withiut rooting , also no update is accapted to happen in despite of having a vacant storage for now ,i also cleared cache before that happen please help and thanks Enjoy it!

  • brigita_xoxo

    brigita_xoxo When asked to do so, Link2SD (v4.0.12) like_thoughtlessly proceeded with Integration of my PlayStore-updated Google Play Services (v8.7 update taken from /data, originally v8.3 in_/system), resulting in catastrophic devastation on my nVidia Shield Tablet (running Android v6.0 rooted) : unstoppable "Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped" messages eternally, PlayStore not working anymore, etc. These problems with Integration of Updated system apps are for what I can see limited to /system/priv-app/ based apps (hard to tell from within Link2SD) that also have libraries. [.2016.03.16.Wd.20.05.] Flawless

  • CeptCeastyjah

    CeptCeastyjah For those of you on Lollipop (and very likely KitKat) that are getting an error creating the mount script, the problem is that you have to format your partition to ext4. Not sure why this developer decided to leave that important detail out. Otherwise, it works fantastically! UPDATE 4/12/16: Once installed properly, this app is pure rock n roll! I've been able to clear internal memory to up to 60% (of 4GB usable) space free! Before it was down to 10% free and I was struggling to add apps. Now most of my apps get installed to second partition and I'm getting much more use of space than even my 16GB Sony Xperia! Also, you can convert updates for pre-installed apps into systems apps (or even user apps) which also gives you even more space! A+ app! Go well

  • PilotaG2332

    PilotaG2332 Works perfectly The best solution if you have only one Gb internal storage. Move movable apps to SD and link non-movables to SD. Downside, it slows down the moved and linked apps unless you find a hyper fast SD. Keep your important apps on internal memory. Marvelous

  • VepSmomideemy

    VepSmomideemy Great! Working great so far, & from 35Mb of internal memory, I'm back up to 80Mb without deleting any app! Love it, thanks Dev! Update: on my xperia ZR 5.1.1, it's working like a champ! I think it's time to go pro soon! Minus one star because dev is unresponsive. Superb!

  • vivianasi

    vivianasi Wonderful App Learned more about my phone to make our better and I love it even more. Easy to understand after rooting the phone and understand partials. Omg

  • tony_roe

    tony_roe Life saver Was faced with persistent issue of space not available. Your app helped solve the issue. Thanks. Keep doing the God's work. Well done!!