Link2SD‏ for Android

Bulent Akpinar
إدارة التطبيق كاملة، والانتقال إلى SD، ذاكرة التخزين المؤقت واضحة، وإزالة من bloatware وأكثر من ذلك
  • Palingenesis

    Palingenesis I don't know if my device is capable of using this app It seems like I don't have the ability to use it due to no root access not being found and the second portion of my sd card not being found, if didn't know sd card could have two portions or how to even know if a sd card has that. But this suks because I don't already have the capability to move apps and I don't know if I will find any app I can use to allow me to do it. Plz help if possible. I have a virizon Android tablet 4.4.2 , I love the things this app does, just won't let me for these reasons Pretty good

  • HadsensBill

    HadsensBill Saved my life The convert to system app is really a damn good feature. I accidentally deleted my google play store and the feature saved me Awesome

  • dannyibiza

    dannyibiza Feature request Super helpful, thanks, bought a full version. There is my request: I use auto link of new apps. One problem is that when I install new app, it closes it after couple seconds, but may be I just want to try it and then remove. Can you add a setting for delays or even schedule the linking of new apps to the night time or just idle time? I'm tired of waiting for 'application linked' message each time I install a new app. Worth it!

  • pipsqueak

    pipsqueak Broken Symlink On a working link2sd phone, removed the card and formatted it accidently (due to virus). Now all linked apps are missing (understood due to removed card) but reinstallation is failing. Is there a way to eliminate all broken symlinked files that link2sd has created so that I can restore my apps. Fabulous!

  • hpsubmission

    hpsubmission Perfect SD management app! The autism is strong with all of you complaining about the 2nd partition not mounting. tip: BOTH PARTITIONS MUST BE PRIMARY AND THE PARTITIONING MUST BE DONE ON A COMPUTER TO AVOID POSSIBLE ERRORS. This app works perfectly, the only problem is you not knowing what to do! Complaining about errors you're causing for not reading up on how to do certain things? Pssh. Enjoy it!

  • teatimefortwo

    teatimefortwo I got it to work At first I couldn't get this app to work ppl said it didn't work on new phones well actually it didn't work with a cheap sd card i splashed out a little i bought a San disk extream pro 65gb micro sd card with 95mb write speed(around £35 on eBay) and waalaaa it works just fine on my Xperia z3 which is great because the z3 built in memory is only about 11gb Great!

  • fviugeck

    fviugeck Works like a charm. Generally only user-related errors to blame... Works on a wide variety of phones with fairly consistent results. The occasional invalid argument can usually be cleared up by repartitioning the SD card as ext2/3 if ext4 isn't working. Doing a little detective work on your own will generally result in finding the sweet spot and complete success with this app. I'm not an astrophysicist but here I are, making deductions and solving my own mysteries. Like a big boy ☺ Go well

  • erimwiinnnett89

    erimwiinnnett89 Works perfectly I will never understand why stupid people try to download apps they can't use them give it a bad rating ._. Not bad

  • perryakah

    perryakah Excellent Links almost every downloaded app. It's most useful when I am running out of space. Thumbs up to this app and the developer. Surprisingly

  • senorbuffett

    senorbuffett Leave only link app files because other options damage micro SD with the time Warning do not link dex lib etc except app because is too hard for the microsd if you ignore that then you have a walking dead microsd Amazing!

  • o2mediafloriida

    o2mediafloriida Works like charm on my phone & my tablet On my rooted tablet with KitKat 4.4.2 AND on my phone with GellyBean 4.2.2 works PERFECTLY ## A big bravo to dev who respond promptly and solve all problems ### Thanks Dev. Go on :-) wow lol

  • Enrorenop

    Enrorenop This application saved my phone! I had Google play store frequently displaying "insufficient storage". I was very much frustrated till one of my friends referred me here. I rooted the phone, installed Link2SD, converted few system apps into user apps, moved them to SD card and voila! I was then able to download more apps from play store. A big shout out to Link2SD's developers! Highly Recommend.

  • roxgpz

    roxgpz what a waste! I wish I had seen a review regarding the fact that its not free even just to try it out. Unless you buy the pro version, you can't move a single app. what a shame! 5 star

  • fxdvezghrpv

    fxdvezghrpv Gave my device a new life but I am enjoying Link2SD with its Plus features and it's very great! Sadly, I am running on a small issue. Everytime I open the app, after a minute or so it hangs, and here comes the "App not responding" dialog. It didn't happened when I still have a few apps, but now I have about 100 apps linked and this happens. Its not my device's problem but the app itself because my device is still fully responding. Please help. Great job

  • hannahjones

    hannahjones It works Perfectly Thanks you awesome Developers ...It works ...After Creating the 2nd Partition ...i can move my apps there.. Storage problem is gone Works perfectly

  • nanakb

    nanakb Used to work Used to work perfectly. Even purchased the Plus version because I was so happy with the app. But now after the last update the app stopped linking to my ext2 partition and is not able to relink. Most of my apps have disappeared due to this. Going to try reinstalling the app and formatting the card to redo the partitions and see if the issue persists. Cool

  • Traplet

    Traplet Perfect with Cyanogenmod 12 Finally able to use SD card space on my xperia m with cm11. Awesome! Also used after cm12.1 but i think latest update broke. Can't create Mount scripts. Hoping for fix! Brilliant

  • admissionjankari

    admissionjankari Very useful piece of kit Would also be good if there was a "Clean up system app" option for Updated apps, in case I wanted to just have that app as a User app and not integrate it any more. Well done!!

  • tedshepherd615

    tedshepherd615 I think so... I think so that It is gud app but can anyone tell me how to make partitions in sd card then maybe i would be able to use fthis app properly Works great

  • Elsqgrb

    Elsqgrb Awesome but, One thing I don't understand..after linking many apps to 2nd partition of my SD card...and then clicking on clean up the second partition shows no items to clear...plz help Good