Link2SD‏ for Android

Bulent Akpinar
إدارة التطبيق كاملة، والانتقال إلى SD، ذاكرة التخزين المؤقت واضحة، وإزالة من bloatware وأكثر من ذلك
  • 182320417

    182320417 good notifications and auto link not working,have to create link manually every after installing new apps Surprisingly

  • alkarbii


  • abtelcom1

    abtelcom1 PROBLEM DETECTED pls. FIx this link2sd v4.0.11 is freezing.up ALWAYS when moving app to sdcard Im Android LOlipop 5.0.1 and Samsung GTi9505. thanks Worth a go!

  • TARpress

    TARpress Good enough but not working with all apps in my moto e, lollipop Some apps like amazon kindle, antutu benchmark are not working when linked to sd card 2nd partition, and some other apps like cut the rope is not working unless dalvik cache is unlinked... otherwise it's great app, Must have for Rooted devices, i thought of buying this app but google play does'nt support sbi debit card... ^^^^^ UPDATE- some apps like facebook are not working even after unlinking it completely, even after reinstalling. wow lol

  • allcheck59

    allcheck59 Need 2 relink All All Updated Apps plz solve this issue coz every time there is an update of any app it need to be relink Awesome

  • faruqh

    faruqh Awesome I finally can link the obb files to the second partition of my sd card I've had this app forever and I always got an error. Great job thanks for fixing it Highly Recommend.

  • charlesbwitman

    charlesbwitman Fix!! Please fix integrate update into system on android 5.1. When i try to integrate and reboot, app disappears.. It happens with google play service wen i try to integrate and reboot app disappears even after update... Well done!!

  • jimmij

    jimmij Waste of space Doesn't work! Can't link any of my apps and won't let me unless I root my phone! Its terrible. Amazing!

  • tecnex

    tecnex Does what is says Been looking for a way to get more space in my device and sure enough it works . I have a rooted O+ grande would not link but! I use nextapp sdfix to restore KitKat 4.4.2 SD write capability and bammm when I used link2sd the second partition mounted in ext4 so thats the trick guys. And lastly we should support the developers just a few $ and it helps them a lot . and this one is worth the money , for my phone at lease . well upgrading link2sd now , good luck guys !!! Cool

  • SockycokWourf

    SockycokWourf Miraculous on S4 I used Roehsoft's Partition Tool to create a 5GB partition on my external 64GB card. Now, I can link and use all of those huge apps whose developers refuse to add Apps2SD. Works perfectly and painlessly. Very grateful to the dev. Worth a go!

  • mmarketing

    mmarketing This is great! This works great on my samsung galaxy...I can install all the apps that I like without worrying of having my internal memory full. Great!

  • lifeunashamed

    lifeunashamed Best app Exactly does what it meant for. It could hve been more better if it supports for apk backup Superb!

  • tvshower22

    tvshower22 Want Features Like Titanium Backup I like this app, many features i like, such as Convert app to system and Intregate update to system. But I WANT Move app to system WITHOUT Rebooting devices. Like titanium backup. Very thanks for responsive Perfect

  • madellopez16

    madellopez16 Fair App 2 SD works just fine. Desire 510 with root and s-on. Second partition does not load at boot. I have tried quick boot and then stops working constantly. Can't do play store, photos, or audio files. All in all moving apps works fine but data to 2 partition is failing me. Would love a fix asap. Desire 510 only have 500MB free for apps so its a shame this is not working for link data. I can grtbit to work, but on a reboot it looses everything and gives a late mount warning, every time. wow lol

  • Prakaithip

    Prakaithip Works like a charm Powerful and very customisable, definitely the best app in the market for moving apps on SD partitions Brilliant

  • rpeselman

    rpeselman Good job. Dev! Nice application, but why I'm unable to multi select system apps? Also no option to backup applications... Not bad

  • beezilla

    beezilla Great app. Wid dis app now ma samsung gt-s7262 wont slow down as i can now keep much free space on its phn memory. Dats y i purchased its plus edition. Really great app. Great work Bulent Akpinar..keep it up... Superb!

  • gdaphone

    gdaphone Defy 55XT amazing App I purchased this amazing app after testing for long and realizing how useful it is. My phone is nothing without this app. Thank you! Muito bom!

  • vivek0721

    vivek0721 Kindly tell me It's a winder full application but kindly tell me that's is it possible that I can use this application without making 2nd partition on my SD card? And tell me one thi g that if I move a application for example what's app to my SD card then the media file of what's app also moved to SD or remain in internal? Recommend

  • EvagoNeonaNop

    EvagoNeonaNop Clear cache. I am confused about clearing cache on this device. I know there are "clear all caches" and "clean dalvik-cache" button. But I don't understand why everytime I tap it, it says on this app, on storage info, there was saying my cache memory info still not deleted but instead it's increasing in some way.. first it was saying my cache used 12.98 mb/710mb now it's 13.30mb/710mb. Whenever I clear the cache, automatically or manually, the cache still there but only my 2nd partition trash data deleted. Why? wow lol